deen wake up…
deen wake up…
deen wake up..
its 7 a.m already and u supposed to do suboh prayer 10 minutes ago…
(shouted my dad as he came back from surau)…arghh..dang lazy to wake up…

…and im all wake up, go straight to the bathroom make the wudhu‘ and go up-stair grab my sarong and perform the solah. After finish with the doa, i go back down-stair and head to my lappy..
huarghhh..yawn..yawn..morning lappy!…

…think..think..wut to do,hurmm checkin’ my emails, playin games of facebook (hahah..mafia wars and mob wars babey), do some information + idea absorption from other blogger (hey im a noobs here its not a crime ait) and finnaly go my hand to do some writting here.

..hurmm…wut the hell that im gonna do today haaa…with no job in hand,its hard for me to do plan for the day hahaha (dang!)..i juz remembered last night that my mother has told me to do the measuring of the curtain and the railing (hmm..i smell a new set of curtain will brighten up the house during the raya hahaha…). While im merepek2 in this blog, i take a glimpse to MHI (Malaysia Hari Ini) on the television currently interviewing Dato’ Syed Zainal (MD of Proton) hahaha..he i an ex-Perodua, he himself represent the Proton to be interview by Mazidul Akmak Sidek (the host for today) regarding latest update of Proton…Hmmm…when thinking bout Proton, my brain suddenly think about the scandal of the Proton Perdana V6 that owned by the Terengganu State members..i said how could them to turn their head for our national car..hurmm they should be proud of it ait..moreover they are the state members..duhhh!!

always wanted to buy the Proton Satria Neo

yawn..yawn..and more yawn…hurmm..i think this is it for this time..see ya next time wut kind of adventure that i will faced today…hahaha…let juz wait and see…


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