Woo…look how time leavin’ us

one for the memories~~yeahh

xtract from FS post

Congratulation..Tahniah..WOW..Izzit real, Some of the words that appears from my mouth as i met ena when she walking down from the stairs of her house, well the `mak andam’ has done a very good job indeed transforming my classmate to a beautiful lady (term use in the army..ahakz). Yes she is the 2nd one from all 30 of us to engage ( hurmm..how i realize so fast the time has fly by) and my other friends also seems to dream about their own wedding(ahah thats the part that makin my brain work a lil more harder than usual) the word `when‘.I think in the mean time i will stick to finding and making a good career first rather then thinking of getting married but hey congratulation ena, cuz well i still need to find out what im capable of, to find my true strength and weaknesses, to search the path that can bring bright future for me and yadaa..yadaa..and the stories goes by.

hurmm..how i realize so fast the time has fly by

me with the part of ex-BBAM..luv ya
Neway thanks (a lotz of it) to ena and family for having us for the engagement ceremony even though i arrive quite late (ahahah..not familiar with the Bkt.Tinggi lor…) came with my partner in crime Dyla (lagi lah tahape..hape)hehehe sorry babe..kutuk ko kan hobi aku…well after the ceremony, we take our buds off to the Bkt.Tinggi Jusco to watch The Dark Knight.Hahahah…takde rezeki kot we get seats almost near the screen (imagine 3 rows from screen..OMG!! i said to them)..but what can i do, alas it is no so bad either haha..cuz i can pull out my feet at the front row( cuz nobody want to sit there..nuff said).

ali, syida,bride to be (hehehe) and ME!!!
Yeah, so congratulation to ena and we hope that your engagement will last to the jinjang pelamin..(hai sape plak la pas nie kan..hehe..deen cam tau je sape. InsyaALLAH and for the rests of us all the best in the path that each of us has choose and added with doa brighter future will await us.GAMBATE!!!

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