the beautiful of TV commercial

Does anyone that always mugging about how the TV Commercial is disturbing your moment when watching your favorite dramas, football life-telecast, movies and even cartoons. But do you know, TV commercial is so beautiful where it get me interest and realize the the important of it where it is the platform to the advertiser to create the awareness towards their products or services.

Some of them is simply done yet some come out very fascinating!. So im thinking to make this section that can share my interest with all the readers about advertising where i will post all the TV commercial that has kept my attention. Lets start with this advertisement from electrical appliances from Italy – Ariston and how they wanted to show the benefit of their new washing machine AQUALTIS in a superbly speaking dang creative and breath-taking…so lets the video do the talking…enjoy!! >>deenz<<



Washing Machine

48 second

Advertising Company


tiring but…..well

good day everybody..its been long time since my last updates ait…yeah its been a week. Well ait now its kinda busy time for me to bring out ideas and word to update the blog and i think i just can update my blog in the weekends because guess what? i just got a job at Meru Klang, a 30 minutes journey from my home at PJ and can reach to 1 hour of journey even though driving..well you know the jam but i can manage to reach my office for just 15 – 20 minutes hahaha….

The trick here is that i use the new exit at NKVE (New Klang Valley Expressway) then i take the Setia Alam exit with the fees of RM2.2o (kinda wort it thou…at least better than jam..kan)..take off around 0745 am then i will be at office around 0800…quite fast ek!. Its a relief as i start working at 0830 so i have several time to relax..and mingle around *sigh*

Well last week is my first wek into the world of working! its kinda bring me a culture shock at first when look at all my colleagues moving around without knowing the word :slow: ahah! yeah and mostly the staff there are chinese so its like that im in China when most of the time i can hear the Mandarin and Hokkien dialects ( ahah..i can learn that) and im trying to mixing (still!) around with them, and my boss always urge me to ask if i ever need to know anything because she say that spoon-feeding is not the culture here, if you want to learn you must ask and try–thats the thing because at P2 when im doing my practical training the work that i always done basically is administrative work so i dont have much to learn especially regarding my field as a marketing student (at that time).

So now as a marketing officer, day to day i will learn the true+real job scope of a marketers where basically the intermediaries work being applied when we are the representative of the manufacturer and also the customers. So i think its a good path and platform for me to dig out and gain as many experiences as i can i order to find out the potential in me. Well no pain no gain as i realize that i need to work hard..yeah very..very hard in order to ease in the future in the field.

Well its kinda fun working the where i got to know a neighbor who not only very helpful but also hilarious that was my senior at UiTM Lendu..fiuh what a small world and neighbor at the back is my friend of a friend of mine in the matriculation who also a marketing student at UiTM Shah Alam. Where they also give a hand and taught me on what happening around, then im also has meet up with the only malay guys in the department hahaha..they are not much a talkative at the office but when they are ask me to join them to launch outside ahakz…the true color have appears hahah..kinda funny these two guys, i though they are same as me but the fact is that they are married yet they are good looks too…hahaha…no chance for the girls outthere but they are still kinda flirty hahah(normal la for guys kan) offence! peace

For my third day, my boss asked me to approach out potential customer, and with my colleagues guidance i tried to send out several emails to the potential customer, and actually it was fun! Yes indeed, you get to communicate to customer from around different region and at one time my friend got to deal with the customer that came from Israel..yaiksss.

At night, i just hang around with my friends (who mostly in their mid-term break) playing basketball at nearby is so much fun playing there almost every night ..well at first it kinda tiring for me but hey think positively its a sport ait…you need to be healthy in order to build up strong mind for next day job. Its hell-of-a-fun to play basketball at night with my friends came all the way from Taman Tun Dr.Ismail (TTDI) to play, they are mostly was school player…but their skills are still there thou.

yeayyy..basket at night!!!!

Just now, my friends ask me to hang0out with them at the curve, whoaaa…its been a long time since we last met..a lot to chatted about…and also they were doing some shopping there while im just following around…ya la my salary hasn’t comin yet (ahaha…just started working a week ago..what do you aspect…)

And tomorrow the monday blues will come,hahaha…hellooowww working world..bye-bye relaxing world…

See ya in the next adventure!!!


give a hand in the weekend

~~sorry guys this weekends hardly can hang-out with you guys as im being asked by my aunts to help her family to do the preparation for my cousin’s weeding this Sunday. So,as i m writing this i have get my butt-off at my aunt house at Bandar Baru Bangi~~gosh but i think i can count my finger on how many times that i have done very good deeds indeed..ahakz -sighs-

my aunts very eager to ask me to help her because all my other cousin are still studying and cant spare their time to help with the preparation~~they just can come and having fun eating!!! hahaha…tommorow morning i will start with the chores as i need to head back to my hometown PJ as my aunts has ordered her meat at one guy at Jalan Othman at the PJ Old State i think i hear the guy name Wak Wanjor (heheh…yeah i know its kind of a a wicked name!!!)

and i think there are other reason she ask me to help her brother-in-law to pick up the meat because well i am a PJrian and i supposed to know where the place it right (but when i think back..ermmm…i really dont know the area of PJ Old State..ahaaa i think tomorrow problem will come..just wait and see.

as i have predicted it is no basketball and workout when i m visiting my relatives and here i am writting this blog without go out and workout…nooooooo…and all i do is eat dang…i will be fat again ahahahaha…but as one of the writer in the Reader’s Digest told that if you don’t do exercise or doesn’t eat well in one day it is okay because you can freshen up the net day..if you know what i mean…so after the kenduri is over that back to my own routine. Chill~~

i think tonight i wanna hang-out with my friends that live nearby here but well~~i don’t know if i have the privileges here or not but i will try my luck.oK see ya in the neXt adventure~~

chill!!! >>deenz<<

miss the team…..

good day, as i glanced at my old photo folder in my pc, it just kept me thinking and remembering all the bitter, the sour, the sweet memories of the team that i am working with for the last 3 years of our studies from the beginning at UiTM Lendu to the UiTM City Campus, Jalan Hang Tuah. When at first i just shock to know that in my class has only 3 guy that including me they are aLi and eMer( ahaa..that is something….3 guys out of 27 girls). I though it will the end as i finished my matriculation time ( i wonder the same thing happening when im at my 1st semester at yes!! Malacca Matriculation College with just 4 guys in my class)..arghhh its happening again. So i talked to my self hmm..i think i just bear with it then.

the varsity life is the most-damn-hell-of memorable thing that has yet happening in my life where the place i got into the army, i’m improving in most of the thing such as confident, presentation, courage, emm..has the opportunities to lead a group of students several time such as being the cafe’ manager, vice president of MASA, project director, being involve in so much activities where at one time my team won the state level entrepreneur competition and maybe love ahahaha…yeah its true. how i missed that time. Mohd + Aizuddin = Me!

how i missed the time we organize birthday party for each of our classmate (every 3 month we will celebrate) where we will hang out together rent several car (in the first year of course), collected money to buy cake, buy food and eat + having fun together + snap picture. ( i damn missed that moment) and now i can just smile at it when the memories fly by.

i also has the chance to be one of the committee members for one of the largest association in UiTM Malacca which is the Marketing Student Association (MASA) as V.P for the 2006-07 period, at this moment it truly test all my abilities back from doing the behind the scene work to the leading a team to organize activities (it was hell-of an experience as i get to know the true colours of the students a.k.a members of the association). I’m glad to take the responsible with the help of my friends or the team, we manage to regain the the MASA name where it was…best of luck to the new team thou)

….how im proud to go and together holding hand to faced the same adventure with all of you i called friend…love ya n peace out!!!


the beat making it come back!!!

i know many people out there has notice about the the 3rd installment of High School Musical with it confirm title High School Musical 3: Senior Year, but now for the 3rd installment it is not showing on your satellite tv’s but this time it is an ‘ONLY IN CINEMA’ version yeahh…i know what u r thinking…we got to see it on big screen..yeayyyy…here is quick snap of the summary of the new Disney’s movie and trailer of the flick.enJOy!!!

p/s see ya in cinema on OCT 24

The poster…cool in WildCats colour

“High School Musical 3: Senior Year” finds high school seniors Troy (Zac Efron) and Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) facing the prospect of separation as they head off to different colleges. Joined by the rest of the Wildcats, they stage an elaborate spring musical reflecting their experiences, hopes and fears about the future. With incredible new music and exciting dance numbers designed to take maximum advantage of the big screen, this motion picture extravaganza delivers plenty of high-energy entertainment from East High’s talented ensemble.

High School Musical 3: Senior Year Trailer

aku tatau kenapa….

seperti biasa hari mingguku berlalu dengan pantas sekali betapa aku berfikir yang begitu cepat masa berlalu (huhuh…waaa i want my weekends back). Tetapi hari minggu yang baru lepas ini merupakan hari yang amat bermakna kepadaku kerana aku telah meningkat dari segi usia (yeaaa…im 22 now) pada 3 Ogos lepas bersamaan hari ahad yang aku rasakan seperti hari-hari biasa tetapi amat bermakna kerana menerima wish Happy Birthday dari kawan-kawanku dan juga paling tidak disangka-sangka wishes from my lil’bro (tak penah-penah –> camni la ayat die dlm SMS die siap ade ayat tak penah-penah yang membuatkan aku tergelak).

Pada hari Jumaat, paan datang umah aku katenye nak amik gossip girl aku cakap weyh paan ko ni so last year la hahah..die mencebik…ahhh mampusle aku nak tengok + aku akan bermaraton mlm ni hahaha. aku pun tergelak je dan mentransferlah file episod 2 sampai 12-pendrive-lappy paan-epidsod 13-18-pendrive-lappy paan.hadoi nasib baek skit je so cam tade la pape sgt untuk perhatian aktiviti ini dilakukan selepas solat jumaat. Ye la kan xplanation ini penting untuk mengelakkan segala pemikiran yang tercemar yang akan mendatang tatkala membaca statement ini dan lagi satu ha’ah yea aku mmg suke tgk drama series skang ni..sebab ape sebab aku tatau nak wat ape da (yelaa jobless kot)..sementara tu aku layan le drama.DirtySexyMoney (dah settle), CashmereMafia (dah settle gak), Desperate Housewives (baru settle) and now on running The Secret Life Of The American Teenager (on running)

Okay, nuff with that, then later at night hurmmm…pe yang aku wat ek…tah da lupe plak…tapi yang pasti hasrat aku nak pegi Bijou Bazaar berjaya tetapi aku pulang dengan agak keciwa kerana pada time aku pegi kuar je dari kete aku tgk org len dah kemas2 barang dah masuk dlm boot kete dah.(OMG!!..aku ckp dalam hati…hadui rugi gler…aku tgk kat Facebook die end pukul 11p.m tapi aku tgk balik jam aku ait baru past pukul 9 neyh ape ni…ahhh chiow je la..aku cakap kat paan n cherry ( yang aku angkut kt bus stand LRT Bangsar –> kesian dorang tggu aku nak dekat sejam gara2 ATM kt Shell umah aku mengalami masalah teknikal-kronik yang amat menjengkelkan aku) so aku terpakse la pegi Maybak kt Sec 14 dah parking sesuke hati aku kat tepi kete org dgn harapan dorang park lame lg hahaha) then tru amik dorang dkt bus stand tu.

Dengan hati yang hancur-keciwa aku dan mereka bertandang ke food court a.k.a medan selera kat Bangsar (dpn.Bangsar Village) dan aku mengubati kekeciwaan dgn mengorder carrot milk-gelas besar. Well aku melepak sambil melihat gelagat couple-of-the-year-to-be tgh bergurau2 lol…then mawi call aku

mawi: weyh aku nak gerak kuar pavillion ni tgh meredah jam
deen:owww…ok2 if ko nak join ktorang kt Bangsar ni datang le
mawi:ok gak…kay nnt aku dah nak smpi aku roger.
deen: kay2 kewl2

so aku tggula kedatangan mawi dgn sabarnye sambil melihat gelagat warga kota yang sentiasa mencari masa untuk keluar mencari keseronokan ditemani pengemis2 (bertauliah dan tidak) yang sentiasa meminta simpati. Kegelamunan aku dipecahkan oleh paan ‘bro, mawi dtg tak ni’ erk…’datang2 lek2′ aku ckp sambil cherry melihat jam tangan yang design same dgn jam paan berjenama swatch kalau tidak silap aku ( beli kat Genting katenyer hahah…smart ah korang) ‘ko nak kne blk ke?’ aku tanye ‘ha’ah…tapi ley la tggu jap’ jawab cherry. Ok2 haii mawi ni pun lambat tul…then die text aku ‘aku dah dkt area Mid ni’ ait2.

‘wey deen ko parking kat ner nie’ tanya mawi.
‘ermmm..aku wat double park ah’ jawab aku
‘ko biar betul..kene saman kang’ mawi meminta kepastian
‘..ala weyh aku dah banyak kali wat..concept double park ni hand-brake doesn’t need to be pull tu jer…’jawab aku
‘giler ah ko…takpe ah aku cari dulu’ cebik mawi
‘up-to-u la bro’ jawab aku

aku menginform paan yang mawi da sampi…then mawi call aku lagi cakap yang die da langgar kete aku..ak cakap ikut suke ko la then namapk muke die dkt bibir tangga bhgn atas.owww..bawak awek ke. Mawi berjalan kearah meja aku sambil mencucuk paan.hahaha..siot!…then borak2 la kitorang..n diketahui yang awek mawi tu berjiran lah gak dgn paan + junior paan kt s.k kg.tengku.

then tibe mase blk..ak rase cam da lewat so aku mengoffer antr cherry smpi umah..aku cakap kat paan..aku cakap okey je kuz aku yg offer kan..hahaha..then masuk la aku kat jalan KL yang mmg ak tak suke masuk tu..(gile pening)…then smpi kul 12 dorang wish aku berdua (sweet giler dorang)..thanx korang…then sampai la keramat a.k.a area umah cherry…da antar..nak balik pergg..siap patah balik ah sume (mmg aku tobat smpi bler pun ak xkan expert jalan KL neyh..aiyoo..

Jalan KL memeningkan..arghhhh..mental!!!

malam tu gak la time aku drive le…hp aku (due2 mxs & celcom) berbunyi hahaha..aku bg paan jawab je ckp kt dorang aku tgh drive…then sampi kt federal hiway aku ckp kt paan..’bro..ko text mawi ckp cancel ah lepak..aku nak blk ah’sampai umah wat pe yg patut..calling2 sume..then tido sambil on BitCommet modded version yang tak leh di on sewaktu surf (nnt jadi slow giler)..tapi torrent client ni mmg gempak habis…

ahad tu cadang2 nak folo paan shopping (hey..mega sale kowt)…tapi aku cam malas je lagipun paan and cherry nak dating kowt..(monthlyvarsary katenyer)..and mak aku plak pg seminar kesihatan islam kt masjid area umah aku (mak aku mmg to her)…my dad pg expo Maybank Treatpoints fair kt Mid..nak ikut cam malas so aku duk la umah..then bli lunch untuk nenek aku.Then ak wat keputusan nak antar PC yang dah refurbish tu ke umah customer aku iaitu enchek ali(bukan nama sebenar)…call die ckp nak dtg pas zuhur…(pas aku solat zuhr)..jadi2 nyer pukul 2 lebey gak baru gerak (dgn senyap2 nyer aku pun tatau kenape).

Aku pun melungsurkan kete aku diatas hiway menghala ke Klang dgn kelajuan yang standard…sampai Klang je alamak..jam la plak (aku tgk newspaper The Star) hah!!..mmg serupa lah ape yang berlaku semalam…ni semua demi pembangunan untuk keselesaan rakyat sabar je la. Then boley plak aku silap jalan dah la jem..silap jalan plak..jem tul kepala aku…aku call ali mintak die amik aku kt dpn skolah convent klang..then redah jem sampi umah die.

Jem di Klang…

Macam biasa pak cik Hairullah (bapak Ali) menyambut aku dengan mesranye..hahah…ak suke tgk gelagat die yang peramah tu…aku pun tanye la kabar die and die tanye aku pasal Royal Commision aku…haha aku cakap alhamdulillah ok je…baru aku tau dorang pun dtg gak (tp cancel sbb ramai org) —> dorang nak tengok sepupu ali yang jugak skuad aku passing-out. Sampai pukul 5 lebey gak la lepak situ siap tgk Happy Feat (hahaha..layan gak) sambil menyetting PC ali..discuss2 harga sume) then settle. Lepas Asar aku mintak diri nak balik sebab da janji ngan member aku Mal(bukan nama sebenar) nak jumpe die sbb da lame tak jumpe so jemput die kat Padang Jawa then aku ingtkan nak jumpe lepak minum je..tgk2 die nak tumpang aku antar die sampai LRT taman bahagia sbb die nak blk umha sedara dier kat gombak…so aku lepak ah dgn die kat Hakim Shah Alam macam2 citer ah borak)…sampai la die solat maghrib kat umah aku yang bersepah2 nie berpunca dari renovation yang tidak berkesudahan.

Lepas aku antar mal…tetibe paan text aku..suruh datang umah die…aku cam pelik tapi aku datang je la kan..sampai2 je kat umah dier…aku terpinga2 kat depan pintu sambil memberi salam..mak paan kate paan tak balik lagi (aik..aku pelik pe cite nie nak wakenabeb aku ke pe nie)..then aku terangkan perkara sebenar then mak die pun tergelak then menyuruh aku masuk..aku pun masuk dgn segannye duduk kat living room yang di atur dgn kemas siap dihias dgn gitar yang tersusun rapi (tapi bakul baju paan + buku2 die merosakkan pandangan) hadui…then aku dgr la arguing antara mak die ngn adik2 beradik beliau..mcm2 hal (bisik aku best ner ade adik ramai nnt riuh sgt lak..hmm dah rezeki aku 2 beradik je..syukur2)

Gile lame aku tggu paan..sampai nguap2 aku kat situ sampi la dihidangkan air vanilla coke oleh mak paan..thanks makcik..minum le aku menghilangkan dahaga+ngantuk. Aku terlihat di atas meja makan ade pizza (aik ade occasion ke..owww…birthday paan aku paham..tapi asal mamat ni tak blk2 lg)..aku tggu la samapi la aku nmpk cherry kt dpn pintu..aku tny weyh asal lame sgt neyh…dorang explain ckp jem la ape lg..aku pun tahu weekends kat area OU tu mmg jem pun…so aktiviti diteruskan dgn menyambut birtday paan dgn nyanyian lagu old-skool (happy birthday)..lilin yang agak unik ditiup oleh paan dan kek classic dari Secret Recipe dipotong oleh paan,then paan kate kat aku weyh din ko potong gak sbb birtday ko arini (hahaha)..then the party begins..errr..xkan party liar ah tentunye.

Balik je umah dalam pukul 12 menerima kunjungan dari aiman yang ingin burn drama dari aku..then aku borak2 ah dgn die pasl study sume (die mmg ade bakat jadi marketer..dari care die cerite) yang juga skuad aku dlm rotu and junior course aku. Then aku tgk komen kt FS aku syeena wish birthday aku..n die YM aku tp da offline so aku try call die..tak dapek..sok bior je le..borak2 ngan aiman sume smpi pukul 2 lebey ah gak..tapi mamat tu nak balik melaka kul 8 pagi dgn kawan@jiran aku si amir yang secourse ngan aku tapi extend 1 tahun+seROtU gak. Da settle duk luar borak lagi…sampai la aiman balik.

Hurmmm..aiman da balik, aku kunci sume pintu yang wajib dikunci under order from tuan besar umah iaitu enchek Mohd Shamshuri a.k.a my dad..then aku tutup lampu tido. Dalam lamunan aku terpikir leh tahan gak aktiviti aku wikend ni juz x dpt g Bijou Bazaar je n PC Fair (ahh nak bli GC tade duit)

…aku melelapkan mata selapas doa dan ayat2 suci al-quran dibaca…

~~quite an adventure is it~~deenz

Fate can not catch this lie,
I tried to tell you first
Your hurtful lies are giving out
Can’t stop the killing, I can’t help it
Is there something sacred?
Is this what you want?
I’m not the only one!
Slipknot – Psychosocial