miss the team…..

good day, as i glanced at my old photo folder in my pc, it just kept me thinking and remembering all the bitter, the sour, the sweet memories of the team that i am working with for the last 3 years of our studies from the beginning at UiTM Lendu to the UiTM City Campus, Jalan Hang Tuah. When at first i just shock to know that in my class has only 3 guy that including me they are aLi and eMer( ahaa..that is something….3 guys out of 27 girls). I though it will the end as i finished my matriculation time (emm..how i wonder the same thing happening when im at my 1st semester at yes!! Malacca Matriculation College with just 4 guys in my class)..arghhh its happening again. So i talked to my self hmm..i think i just bear with it then.

the varsity life is the most-damn-hell-of memorable thing that has yet happening in my life where the place i got into the army, i’m improving in most of the thing such as confident, presentation, courage, emm..has the opportunities to lead a group of students several time such as being the cafe’ manager, vice president of MASA, project director, being involve in so much activities where at one time my team won the state level entrepreneur competition and maybe love ahahaha…yeah its true. how i missed that time. Mohd + Aizuddin = Me!

how i missed the time we organize birthday party for each of our classmate (every 3 month we will celebrate) where we will hang out together rent several car (in the first year of course), collected money to buy cake, buy food and eat + having fun together + snap picture. (ahhh..how i damn missed that moment) and now i can just smile at it when the memories fly by.

i also has the chance to be one of the committee members for one of the largest association in UiTM Malacca which is the Marketing Student Association (MASA) as V.P for the 2006-07 period, at this moment it truly test all my abilities back from doing the behind the scene work to the leading a team to organize activities (it was hell-of an experience as i get to know the true colours of the students a.k.a members of the association). I’m glad to take the responsible with the help of my friends or the team, we manage to regain the the MASA name where it was…best of luck to the new team thou)

….how im proud to go and together holding hand to faced the same adventure with all of you i called friend…love ya n peace out!!!


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