give a hand in the weekend

~~sorry guys this weekends hardly can hang-out with you guys as im being asked by my aunts to help her family to do the preparation for my cousin’s weeding this Sunday. So,as i m writing this i have get my butt-off at my aunt house at Bandar Baru Bangi~~gosh but i think i can count my finger on how many times that i have done very good deeds indeed..ahakz -sighs-

my aunts very eager to ask me to help her because all my other cousin are still studying and cant spare their time to help with the preparation~~they just can come and having fun eating!!! hahaha…tommorow morning i will start with the chores as i need to head back to my hometown PJ as my aunts has ordered her meat at one guy at Jalan Othman at the PJ Old State i think i hear the guy name Wak Wanjor (heheh…yeah i know its kind of a a wicked name!!!)

and i think there are other reason she ask me to help her brother-in-law to pick up the meat because well i am a PJrian and i supposed to know where the place it right (but when i think back..ermmm…i really dont know the area of PJ Old State..ahaaa i think tomorrow problem will come..just wait and see.

as i have predicted it is no basketball and workout when i m visiting my relatives and here i am writting this blog without go out and workout…nooooooo…and all i do is eat dang…i will be fat again ahahahaha…but as one of the writer in the Reader’s Digest told that if you don’t do exercise or doesn’t eat well in one day it is okay because you can freshen up the net day..if you know what i mean…so after the kenduri is over that back to my own routine. Chill~~

i think tonight i wanna hang-out with my friends that live nearby here but well~~i don’t know if i have the privileges here or not but i will try my luck.oK see ya in the neXt adventure~~

chill!!! >>deenz<<

4 thoughts on “give a hand in the weekend

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