tiring but…..well

good day everybody..its been long time since my last updates ait…yeah its been a week. Well ait now its kinda busy time for me to bring out ideas and word to update the blog and i think i just can update my blog in the weekends because guess what? i just got a job at Meru Klang, a 30 minutes journey from my home at PJ and can reach to 1 hour of journey even though driving..well you know the jam but i can manage to reach my office for just 15 – 20 minutes hahaha….

The trick here is that i use the new exit at NKVE (New Klang Valley Expressway) then i take the Setia Alam exit with the fees of RM2.2o (kinda wort it thou…at least better than jam..kan)..take off around 0745 am then i will be at office around 0800…quite fast ek!. Its a relief as i start working at 0830 so i have several time to relax..and mingle around *sigh*

Well last week is my first wek into the world of working! its kinda bring me a culture shock at first when look at all my colleagues moving around without knowing the word :slow: ahah! yeah and mostly the staff there are chinese so its like that im in China when most of the time i can hear the Mandarin and Hokkien dialects ( ahah..i can learn that) and im trying to mixing (still!) around with them, and my boss always urge me to ask if i ever need to know anything because she say that spoon-feeding is not the culture here, if you want to learn you must ask and try–thats the thing because at P2 when im doing my practical training the work that i always done basically is administrative work so i dont have much to learn especially regarding my field as a marketing student (at that time).

So now as a marketing officer, day to day i will learn the true+real job scope of a marketers where basically the intermediaries work being applied when we are the representative of the manufacturer and also the customers. So i think its a good path and platform for me to dig out and gain as many experiences as i can i order to find out the potential in me. Well no pain no gain as i realize that i need to work hard..yeah very..very hard in order to ease in the future in the field.

Well its kinda fun working the where i got to know a neighbor who not only very helpful but also hilarious that was my senior at UiTM Lendu..fiuh what a small world and neighbor at the back is my friend of a friend of mine in the matriculation who also a marketing student at UiTM Shah Alam. Where they also give a hand and taught me on what happening around, then im also has meet up with the only malay guys in the department hahaha..they are not much a talkative at the office but when they are ask me to join them to launch outside ahakz…the true color have appears hahah..kinda funny these two guys, i though they are same as me but the fact is that they are married yet they are good looks too…hahaha…no chance for the girls outthere but they are still kinda flirty hahah(normal la for guys kan)..no offence! peace

For my third day, my boss asked me to approach out potential customer, and with my colleagues guidance i tried to send out several emails to the potential customer, and actually it was fun! Yes indeed, you get to communicate to customer from around different region and at one time my friend got to deal with the customer that came from Israel..yaiksss.

At night, i just hang around with my friends (who mostly in their mid-term break) playing basketball at nearby court..it is so much fun playing there almost every night ..well at first it kinda tiring for me but hey think positively its a sport ait…you need to be healthy in order to build up strong mind for next day job. Its hell-of-a-fun to play basketball at night with my friends came all the way from Taman Tun Dr.Ismail (TTDI) to play, they are mostly was school player…but their skills are still there thou.

yeayyy..basket at night!!!!

Just now, my friends ask me to hang0out with them at the curve, whoaaa…its been a long time since we last met..a lot to chatted about…and also they were doing some shopping there while im just following around…ya la my salary hasn’t comin yet (ahaha…just started working a week ago..what do you aspect…)

And tomorrow the monday blues will come,hahaha…hellooowww working world..bye-bye relaxing world…

See ya in the next adventure!!!


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