hari raya fever~~~

hari raya aidilfitri is getting near, sadness is running in me where i had to leave Ramadhan where the month that i got to embrace my self and also devoted to Allah SWT. since the Syawal month will be arriving soon, i would like to take the opportunity to wishes all the muslim bloggers, viewers, web-surfers, blog critics and any single of one of you a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir dan Batin and to the people that come from other part of the world Happy Eid-Mubarak!

i will see ya after the celebration and maybe some adventure journal to be share – the raya adventure >>deenz<<

memoirs of melaka – episode 1 – the plan+the journey

wahah!!! melaka, state that have giving me 1001 memories since i step my foot in the land of Hang Tuah in 2004 where i began my pre-u level education and at the end of 2008 it is my last time at melaka where i have finished my studies and will go back to my hometown PJ. miss melaka very much~~~

ngeee~~the plan to go back to melaka is drafted when we hear that every graduates student who wanted to pass the convocation level shoul do the clearance which mean clear all of the matters that still bound by the name of students such as summons, tuition fees, library penalty and others. So, in the end of August me with a bunch of friends that is so called classmates were decided to gather at Melaka on September 14. When we had decided the date, every one of us applying for a leave at our respective company..lucky me and molek that we get our cuti even though we were just starting our job at our office. So, we are waiting for the proposed date with patient.

while waiting the time comes, some of us to be name fstep gang especially got the idea for us to have our buka puasa at Umbai the place where we all 30 classmates start to get to know each other well. So the task to book the place was given to ali, where he claim that the place that he will booked for us will not put a hole in our pocket but also with a killing price we also will have a very good meal like baked crab, sweet sour sea bass and others.

i has do some thinking and made a decision not to drive to melaka, hence i want to carpool with ali…so i sent him several emails regarding my though to tumpang him to melaka, and as expected he agree and i give him a choice whether he can pick me up at my house or at my kampung. so he agreed to pick me up.

D-Day, i’m waiting for ali to pick me up at my house and guess what ijan says to me when they told me that they are waiting for me outside…they said that they are waiting outside of my kampung at Rembau (i feel like crying that time but im cool with it heheh). so i just send some text wondering if anyone in the group does not depart yet from selangor yup checkmate! faz call me with the laughing into (dang!), she say that she and myra will go to melaka a lil bit late so if i want to tumpang them (i bet that ijan or syida must send the S.O.S to faz hehehe) cuz im only send the text to azie and regardless speaking that she say that she is not going..still cool with it. then, i just pick my bags and drive my butt off to Subang komuter station to take the ride to serdang where faz will fetch me up. after paying RM4 for the 2 days parking, im off to the ticket machine and buy the RM3.30 ticket to serdang. i take the train and straight to serdang, did i mention they are dang crowded in the traing..oh my god! (da lame tak naik komuter camnie la).

after arrival, i just search for faz Kembara and say hi to her then go to pick-up myra…and im curious about the box at the back seat where faz told me it is a suprise for someone (hahah..will reveal in the next episode). then we go straight to melaka for about 2.5 hour journey added with new gossip and kutuk2 hehehe 9aiyoo..just realized its Ramadhan). after arrival, we were contacting others and informed them that we have arrive and they said that its okay, where they will meet us at Dataran Pahlawan after they finished their movie..yupp the early birds get to watch movie (dang! again). So, while waiting for them to finish, three of us just walk around the building and faz mention that she want to buy some souvenirs for her classmate at FSTEP so after looking around, she decided to buy for them kipas tangan that is made from wood and batik cloth, it is a nice pieces of souvenirs though and for me just a kerepek tempe (soy bean cracker) and cencaluk ( a paste that is made from small shrimp). then faz and myra said to me that they want to do some shopping and we end up at Brand Outlets store where we found a original Baby Phat (brand from Kimora Lee Simmons) tees with a hard to believe price and yeah oh well it maybe a rejected factory item.

at around 5.30pm, they early birs said that they have finished their movie and ready to head back for their hotel (for the girls) and while faz was asking me whether i want her to send me to my former house and she said its no problem but then ali called and insisted to pick-me up. so problem solve and why is he insisted hurmmm?. We agrees to meet-up infront of their hotel (Felix Inn) at 6.30pm because afraid that our booking that is made by ali will be canceled, so after all the people has gather we headed to Umbai floating village for our open fast and we cant believe that we arrived for just 30 minutes, owhh..maybe this is because we using the new routes instead of the old routes that we used back then (when we’re in 2nd semester…memories!).

so after arriving, i and ali go straight to the parlour and confirmed our booking and the makcik there said that the booking is still on and they have ready with our food..ahh its a relief for me and ali. to be continue….>>deenz<<

back off time constraint!

yeah as you can see..the above title is looking about how i realized how time is very important where i aint have the time to write my blog and still seeking for one even though i have a lot of stuff to be talk about (seriously i have a list of them and bunch of photos to be uploaded).

i hope that all the readers can be patient and still following my blog even though it just a simple patch about my adventure but hey it is good to share ait. So, just keep waiting and dont stop following my adventure ait guys.

Okay, just a quick snap, to all PB (Prison Break) fans, guess what it has release it 4th installment on the September 17, 2008 and yup the latest episode now is 3 so whoever have the link to the download please catch up with this manhunt series cuz this new series have a lot to crave on where a lil bit spoiler where now scotfield and his gang linc, sucre and alex accompany with several people that you will shock to see (ahhaaa) . They will work as a team to take down the Company. So nuff said, just go to your resources and watch the latest series of PB. enjoy!

see ya in the next adventure


…xoxo~~yeah their back!!!!

Do you remember the gazette …you know u’ll love me xoxo~~gossip girl (catchy tagline haaa..). Yerp those elite guys from Manhattan, New York is back! for their second installment..really anticipate these new season where we can see a lot of conflict between these guys B a.k.a Blair Waldorf, C a.k.a Chuck Bass, N a.k.a Nate Archibald, D a.k.a Dan Humphrey, S a.k.a Serena Van De Wodsen and lil’ J a.k.a Jenny Humphrey.

Wow these cool new start has back again in the fresh new season. Well i have watch the drama last night after tarawikh..and yet at first episode only it has kept my attention, kay a lil bit of spoiler here…where B as always uses other people some cute guy name James to make Chuck jealous but as always the war aint over dude but for this episode Chuck i just realize Chuck also has his soft spot in himself..ahaaa…(just wait and see)

Where Nate also just beaing naughty by dating a woman who older than him..and guess what he secretly have an affair with someone wife!..WOW where the go Nate. You should see when Nate dah nak kantoi heheh..kinda funny and yet very sophisticated.

While the Humphrey’s sibling doesnt want to be let behind..where lil J has started her intern life in a fashion house and yet the war of status still on where she is now battle to prove herself as a fashionista with the owner of the fashion house…ahaa that is something Jenny. While Dan, with the break up with Serena, at first i just think that he just live as a lone boy in the city alone enjoying the summer…but my guess is wrong..hahaha…wanna know who is Dan in the season 2 just watch it..but yeah he is still back together with Serena when they bump each other at a party organize by Serena grandmother..hahaha…spoiler again! Ahhh..my activity of watching drama is back…i just can’t wait to get back from work and after breaking fast..yes here i am in from of the computer watching drama while waiting for the tarawikh. hahaha…

so enjoy the second season guys!!!

..You know you love me…xoxo~~ >>deenz<<