…xoxo~~yeah their back!!!!

Do you remember the gazette …you know u’ll love me xoxo~~gossip girl (catchy tagline haaa..). Yerp those elite guys from Manhattan, New York is back! for their second installment..really anticipate these new season where we can see a lot of conflict between these guys B a.k.a Blair Waldorf, C a.k.a Chuck Bass, N a.k.a Nate Archibald, D a.k.a Dan Humphrey, S a.k.a Serena Van De Wodsen and lil’ J a.k.a Jenny Humphrey.

Wow these cool new start has back again in the fresh new season. Well i have watch the drama last night after tarawikh..and yet at first episode only it has kept my attention, kay a lil bit of spoiler here…where B as always uses other people some cute guy name James to make Chuck jealous but as always the war aint over dude but for this episode Chuck i just realize Chuck also has his soft spot in himself..ahaaa…(just wait and see)

Where Nate also just beaing naughty by dating a woman who older than him..and guess what he secretly have an affair with someone wife!..WOW where the go Nate. You should see when Nate dah nak kantoi heheh..kinda funny and yet very sophisticated.

While the Humphrey’s sibling doesnt want to be let behind..where lil J has started her intern life in a fashion house and yet the war of status still on where she is now battle to prove herself as a fashionista with the owner of the fashion house…ahaa that is something Jenny. While Dan, with the break up with Serena, at first i just think that he just live as a lone boy in the city alone enjoying the summer…but my guess is wrong..hahaha…wanna know who is Dan in the season 2 just watch it..but yeah he is still back together with Serena when they bump each other at a party organize by Serena grandmother..hahaha…spoiler again! Ahhh..my activity of watching drama is back…i just can’t wait to get back from work and after breaking fast..yes here i am in from of the computer watching drama while waiting for the tarawikh. hahaha…

so enjoy the second season guys!!!

..You know you love me…xoxo~~ >>deenz<<

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