back off time constraint!

yeah as you can see..the above title is looking about how i realized how time is very important where i aint have the time to write my blog and still seeking for one even though i have a lot of stuff to be talk about (seriously i have a list of them and bunch of photos to be uploaded).

i hope that all the readers can be patient and still following my blog even though it just a simple patch about my adventure but hey it is good to share ait. So, just keep waiting and dont stop following my adventure ait guys.

Okay, just a quick snap, to all PB (Prison Break) fans, guess what it has release it 4th installment on the September 17, 2008 and yup the latest episode now is 3 so whoever have the link to the download please catch up with this manhunt series cuz this new series have a lot to crave on where a lil bit spoiler where now scotfield and his gang linc, sucre and alex accompany with several people that you will shock to see (ahhaaa) . They will work as a team to take down the Company. So nuff said, just go to your resources and watch the latest series of PB. enjoy!

see ya in the next adventure


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