convocation it is~~~69th UiTM Convocation

piccas with the VC awards from my class (from left ufar, ena, deenz, hajar, yan)

yes the 3rd session of 69th UiTM convocation is over at 11.45 a.m this morning as about 500 graduates were awarded with their degree or diploma. I was amazed as finally my 3 years of work hard has paid off~~~.

im also feel gratefull to see my parents accompany me and get the chance to see my live at Dewan Sri Budiman (DSB), UiTM receiving my degree~~huh..i feel joyfull beneath myself. Me and the gang were taking piccas even though there are humongous number of human but we just celebrating our success!! YEAY!!

Congratulations to all my friends that has been graduated and will be graduated soon~~I’ am planning to further my studies in two years time as right now working experience is all for me.

See ya~~ >>deenz<<

what a week…

end of the week is just around the corner where tomorrow is Friday (T.G.I.F) and Saturday is my graduation day (yipee~~~). As on Monday I’m on leave to pick up my graduation robe then when i come to the office on Tuesday..thats it..a pile of work waiting to kill me, there are about 20 emails from my customer..and i also need to process all the order ( sales this week exceded my target!! yipee~~ again).

this week also i manage to exceed the target of emails that need to be sent out but i cant go out of the office to do my ever fun routine—going to the production line as i have a lot of work to do in the office.

well even though it quite a tiring week but i also have lots of fun~~where insyaAllah my application to change to another job has been in the 85% yes!!!. I hope i will be accepted to the company that can help me to pursue my dream to pursue my Master degree~~~please..please.

one of my colleague will be departed to another company next week and we all were had a farewell lunch yesterday at KFC…and its lots of fun where i have the chance to mingle with the new marketers….

see ya next time..weirdoz..out!!! >>deenz<<

busier than ever~~~

Juz a quick lepak at my beloved blog..sorry guys after the Raya i ardly have enuff time to update ze blog yet also the makan session even though i’ve been to lots of makan place.

but worries, i’ll be back to keep you posted both the weird adventure and also makan session…keep visiting~~~weeee