OMG!..Pink Dolphin!!!

At firs i couldn’t believe my eyes when i read an article from the news, but when i see the picture myself and after several times of wiping my eyes, it is true indeed! A pink dolphin, well hello kitty have something to be afraid off now..LOL I don’t give a shit here..but this is true base on the news article where as a result of albinism, the dolphin has this `stunningly looking pink’ that also indicate by it red eyes as well as pink skin (changes of colour pigmentation). The dolphin is actually healthy, it just that the pinkish skin colour make me curious if this friendly mammal have any serious illness, but according to the article, the dolphin appears to be different in term of coloration on its skin which is quite beautiful and glowingly pink. The mammal is entirely pink from tip to tail with smooth looking skin, glossy pink without flaws. I wonder if i can have this dolphin for a pet, nice haaa…

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