perang bantal~~wee

even though this story had happened last 2 weeks..but i think it is better for me to story out my new adventure which i endure it as first time in my life…chill on..

On 4.4.2009 dimana tarikh yang aku takkan lupe wat sementara waktu ni iaitu penyertaan aku dan rakan2 – Pet, Paan + Ajib dalam Corntoz Pillow Fight in conjuction with World Pillow Fight Day (hari camnie pun ade..ahh janji aku have fun). Jointly organized by Random Alphabets (RA) + keropok kentang Corntoz (xkan dpt free kropok pun..sticker team je..hehehe..boley la)

To shorten up the story aku straigh to the point yang event ni ialah team-based event which we were devided into two-group color coded by blue (my team) and white which controlled by the Pillow Fight Police (designated in Pink Sticker). At first we had to gathered at The Curve as per info given in the FB, then we were separated into two groups each followed different direction to the battle area which was at Cineleisure (ground floor), pak-guard + management The Curve tak bagi wat kat situ sbb emm..high class nyer tempat kowt..tah.

me with my mom’s cushion pillow ready to eat the head of the white team…

after da gather due2 team..mule la huru-hara, taunting antara satu sama team yang lain..darn hillarious style 300 ade, cheer skolah ade macam-macam ada la. Then Zain HD (founder of RA), wearing his weird looking hat + weird looking spear in hand voice out the rules. The the fight begins with 2 session as per example below (amik scene aku suda..bagi gambaran), you can see the pillow stuffed has bursed out and scattered around (wut do ya aspect..hahaha)

Zain HD the ketua polis
Pet + Paan team-up to whacked me (darn..traitor)

there were all kind of people joining this event, i had noticed Brazilian couple, org putih, old-timer, teenagers, and even toddler joining the fun…all for one reason have fun for unity (ye kot..) tapi semua belasah sepuas2 nye…i dont care who i whacked…as long as i got to whacked someone..LOL until my pillow has incurred a serious collateral damages before aku sempat menghabiskan upacara (surrender early..sadness!)

hancus pillow mak aku…

a picca with the organizer himself — ketua polis pillow fight

at the end of the fight, all of us gathered for a group photos (yes why i put `s’ because there were a lot of photographer taking our photos..official + unofficial rase cam celebrity lak). We also get to mingle with new friends (widen up our circle of friends) thats what i mean by unity where we all gather to meet new people with the same message in mind (cool!). We get to kenal2 dgn group of girl which kind of sporting and bubbly named as below. They are cute too!…note:puji ikhlas ;P.

making new friends shaziera + gurl tatau name and Anfaal (sporting dorang nie)

Pas habis group photo sume, we all get together and co-operate cleaning up all the mess that we have done ourself…ye la pas dah sepah2 kemas la balik kan..nanti management bising lak. So, from here also i cam here most of the people were having fun by the face expression that they showed literraly laughing + take picca with the feather + mingling with new friends. Then me + Paan + Pet and AJib treat ourselve at IKEA cafe having late lunch to replenish our energy.

after tired of pillow fighting…reward our hunger with Sweedish Meatballs and Daim’s choc cake courtesy of IKEA cafe

group photo after the fight (grabbed from Zulhelmi Misran- thanks dude!)

Thanks to RA, Corntorz, Management of Cineleisure (for allowing this event to be realize), Management of The Curve (kuz tak kecow2 sgt), RA volunteers, photo + video graphers, friends and new friends…hope we can have much more and massive fight in the next year event insyaAllah…fiuh its quite an adventure..chill out >>deenz<<

why the hell i’m into blogging

i also dont know why and i dont even have the concrete reason to defend the argument…why blogging? Me-deen-blogging? Mungkin menulis blog yang telah menjadi platform paling fofular abad ini..laman2 blog dah tumbuh macam cendawan selepas hujan (serious s***t..there a lot of people into blogging now..for their own reasons. As for me, i just want to test my writting skills whether i can write or not but it seems that..there still a lot of space that i need and can improve in term of communicating, writting and express myself out in different type of medium which is literally very different in term of style of expressing it out.

So maybe aku pun dah terikut dgn budaya menulis blog nie, tapi who cares! ni free kot, aku tak perlu membayar sgt utk aku mengekspresikan ape yang tersirat…mungkin bill internet la yang aku perlu bayar (cheh family gak bayarkan..LOL!) memalukan diri disitu hahaha…AH! malu hape mmg betul kot.

Tapi blog ni mmg bagi aku agak bagus la utk sesiapa yang tidak mempunyai kemahiran yang luas dlm website creation untuk belajar asas dalam menghasilkan content and publish it out untuk tatapan umum dgn cost yang rendah dan tidak memrlukan skill yang tinggi. Syabas Google! for making this kind of site and to other provider…credit to you guys for making the citizen of the world other option to look on rather than depends on the newspapers and other major media that sometime cant give the information that we are really needs…

there another thing that i’ve realized during my adventure of life >>deenz<<

place warming–

dear people….

owh…lega rasanya…
why?…dapat gak aku merelocatekan diri aku ke work-station yg baru (meja baru)
yang lebih meriah (which mean..not so isolated as my previous place which located at the end of the department)LOL…
…i hope all my neighbour will accept my present and involvement into the community (chewah macam kawasan kejiranan la plak)…
yang aku pasti perkara akan jadi lebih meriah work-station yang baru ni weee~~mengikut taunt seorang rakan yang begitu gemarkan mengunakan taunt seperti itu…aku pun ngikut je…cam menarik kan…

ari gak bukan tempat je kene tukar malahan pagi2 lagi aku telah ditelefon oleh hulubalang department yang menyuruh aku untuk menghadirkan diri di hadapan memanda menteri department tepat pukul 4 petang (waktu tadi) for interim performace evaluation…just realize it has been 3 month since i joined this company…leh tahan gak ketahanan aku…

bla..bla..bla..yes aku sedar aku memang kene improvekan diri aku sebanyak yang boley kuz aku bermula dari zero@kosong@0!..dari marketing ke auditing…kan lain tuh. Mungkin rezeki aku kat sini kan sape yang tau kan…i hope Allah SWT will grant me with more rezeki in this department and also line of work that i currently endure now…insyaAllah. Aku pun harap sangat there not much a major problem occurs while i’m still here…(pray-pray)

okay…there are a lot more need to cathing up, a lot more need to learn and a lot more need to experience yang boleh nuture aku jadi masyarakat korporat yang berjaya hendaknya…

there still more adventure to come chaloo~~ >>deenz<<