its been a long time again….

hye…wah its been a long time since my visit here…i think to whom who link my blog to theirs the status must be more that 3 weeks now.

well, dewasa ini..with work-load that come in and also the actives that kept me to go outside most of the time, i’m hardly have the time to update my only journal of life..chewah~~So, at this time while waiting for the response from my client i kindly steal the time to write a blog just to update it..heheh…

my last weekend kind a hectic weekend for me as that weekend had made me to try the dance floor (heheh) as in the day-time i just procrastinating myself at home doing nothing but getting up with all the series that i’ve downloaded. Yesterday night, i watched Night at The Museum 2, well the movie was hillarious and hectic as their 1st movies Night at The Museum with much bigger cast and history that can be learn. But, in all i had fun watching the movies and you should too, cant wait to see other summer movies that will be coming to our shore… list are getting longer when summer is come.

Larry get ready to save the night

Larry (Ben Stiller) alongside Emilia Earheart (Amy Adams, Enchanted)

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