crave for sandwiches

Right now i’m crave into sandwiches hence i willing to try any sandwiches that is available in the market regardless of it price and taste (Halal still being prioritizes). As to date i have try bunch of sandwiches from Subway mostly from it well-knows `Subs-Of-The-Day’ range as it not just tasty but also mild on your pocket. Apart from Subway, i also has try sandwiches from Shell Petrolstation which is the cold-cuts sandwiches (not the normal sandwiches), Hoagies @ Sooka Senral which is fusion sandwiches from Philipinos master-chef (as stated in their cafe’s wall), O’briens (Irish style) and Chilies club sandwiches.

Subway’s sandwiches line (toasted is highly recommended ;D)

If you talk about nutritious i reckon the sandwiches from Subway and O’briens will be the closest contender despite their yummy taste so for those weigh-watcher, it is highly recommended to change your lunch `nasi’ diet to sandwhic, surely make you full for the rest of the day.

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