i dunno what to say….

These were two movies that i watched recently….and my review are

I Love You Beth Cooper where no wonder people and viewer at IMDB give them such a bad rating not even close to 5 points, well the movie is totally crap actually! Both Hayden Panettiere (which i loike because she such a babe!) and Paul Rust give such a lame acting.

I wonder why i opt to watch this lame movie at the first place…low quality!…douche-bag!…lame… chic-flick movie that i have ever watched


The latest installment of The Final Destination which i couldn’t give much comment on this movie as i haven’t watched the last 3 series with the same title so my expectation is not so high (TG!) as i don’t even plan to watch this movie. As circumstances, i opt to watch it and yeah this movie full of gory, killing, s!”t, blood all over the place with no proper story to tell despite of the suspense element that urge the viewer to wait the time for the next kill-fest going to happen.

Another lame movie..sigh!

Deen’s rating
I Love you whatever! 1.5/5…sigh (not even worth it for download)
Final Destination 2.75/5…(killing-festivities)

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