I’ve seen Orphan today yet, somehow, Jaume Collet Serra manages to squeeze something fresh out of an old tale. Really thrilled one although i’m not a fan of psycho-path-killer-thriller movie.

There’s plenty of shocks and also some laughs and Esther’s “secret” is, original and bad-arse!.

Orphan doesn’t hold a candle to the norm of a thriller films, but its better than the more recent ones like Joshua (which, coincidentally, Vera Farmiga also starred in, as well as having the same role (mother)).

Don’t let the trailer fool you into thinking this is just another “evil kid” movie. Its really much more than that. This is definitely one of the better horror films to come along these days.

I loved it, and it 10x even better than the lousy Final Destination that doesn’t have story line.

Go watch it at your nearest cinemas!

Deen’s rating 3.75/5

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