No!…I’m not talking about that PMS, but this is a different type of PMS Lulz…last week i just had my performance reviewed and i found out that my performance quite okay for fresh graduate like me. Professionalism, committed and willing to learn are always be in my mind since i’ve started work and that is also what have been told to me by my boss (kembang jap), well i’m very proud of my-self alas that i’m a shy person which also i’ve been commented on that
`You must be proactive in your work and try to come out with ideas’..owww wah thats a little thing that i can do but i just don’t know where and how to start

When talking about my ability, i think i need to improve my soft-skills especially on communicating and also persuation as most of the time my work needed me to face with a lot of people from vast number of background and mostly the higher level of Management.

In term of writting skills, what is articulate by the way? Anyone of you who pass-by my blog can leave a comment and just tell me what is articulating, just lazy to google it Lulz. Thus, i just think i need to improve my writting as well as my command of language as it is crucial for me to convey the message to our clients.

I will make it one of my resolution for this year of 2010, as i need to focus on my target. InsyaAllah

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