week of pain

For the past 7 days i have been in pain and bear it since then until on the Friday 22nd, i can’t bear the pain anymore after 3 time of the same answer from the clinic. On that day, the clinic refer my illness to be treated at KJMC.

Actually i already think it just a minor gastric but i didn’t know that for a 1st timer the illness will be this bad as i couldn’t sleep at ease for the past 5 nights (including extra 2 nights in the hospital). As Ive been admitted for 3 nights now, i had gone several testing like ECG, Ultra-Sound (hahaha..usually this kind of test is only done to pregnant women but i don’t know, just following the doctor advices) and today they ask advised me to go for Endoscopic which is the doctor will put a scope inside my mouth where it will go down to my stomach and intestine to see how severe my gastric was. I was given anesthetic prior to the test and only wake up 3 hours later.

The doctor said that my gastric is not that serious but it is near to ulcer because he said that from the endoscopic he saw that there a several hemorrhage in my intestine and a lot of acid in my stomach that causing the pain. And he gave me new dose of medicine to see how it goes which require me to spend another night in the ward.

I hope tonight the pain will go away and i could start my job in 2-3 days time. InsyaAllah

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