Northen – Perlis

blue sky

silver engine
Well my outstation for 2010 year kick-off in this month of February where I’ve been assigned (actually we) to go to Perlis for our assignment in one of group subsidiaries there (Chuping, Perlis). Actually this is my second time being here as last year in the month of March I also came here to do new assignment and this year is just a follow-up.

Apparently, the place hasn’t change much since my last visit here. They just completed the shades for the parking which the car or moto-bike will still get wet in the rain as the shades is just made from the fabric that can be found in the nursery to minimize amount of rain that drops into the plant (well you get the picture). Like last year and also to other team, we are given the lodging at one of the well-known-on hotel in Kangar.

quite a long ques

Today, again we’ve the chances to enjoy ourselves with the famous Nasi-Ganja-Maybank, well it is not they put dope into the rice as people there said that when u’ve tried it you will definitely want to have it again (well they are not bluffing). It is called Fatimah Nasi Kandar and it is located opposite the Maybank and in-front of the Anika supermarket. Little that i know and suprisingly the taste is still the same after one year we had it at the 1st time. The price still the cheapest nasi kandar that i’ve tried compare to the price in the Klang Valley and Penang (huhuhu…).
the Nasi `Ganja’ stall

Enjoy the scenery of Kuala Perlis in the evening after the jump

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