Squid, squid, more squid and yeah squid

Last weekend me a couples of my colleagues went to Terengganu for a `Mencandat Sotong’ trip or Squid jiggling. It was a hell-lot-of-fun and even though I only managed to jiggle 2 squids but the experience of it from riding the fishermen’s boat, waiting for the squid to bite the bait, fighting with the squid, sleeping at the boat’s roof, squid’s delicacies and enjoyed it with bunch of good friends.
Will do it again..definitely!
p/s: Squidward not included in the activity, just an illustration purposes only..Lulz

Universal Studio Singapore

Universal Studio Singapore experience on 16th May, the ticket price at that time for weekends is about SGD 77 (RM 169), quite pricey I must said if foreign exchange take into account but you also will get meal voucher worth SGD 10 and retail voucher worth SGD 5 to splurge which all in all the ticket will only cost you SGD 62 (still pricey for a theme park) but don’t compare this theme park to any of the theme park that we have here in Malaysia, at least we get the chance to experience the hint of Universal Studio theme park in the US in our own shore. Thanks to RW for the effort.

Shrek 4D
Some of the most rides still under test-run or maintenance but still the rest of the rides will surely give you the fun! like the Revenge of The Mummy.

Hollywood zone @ USS entrance
Well planning to go again at the end of year after all of the attractions in the theme park has been completed. Further info, log-on to RW on the ticket rates, and updates.

Life = Appreciate it

Its been a long time since I updated this blog (roughly about 1 and 1/2 month), well work load getting bigger and time not to say less but for me it is not enough (maybe I spend most of my time procrastinating rather that do the real job..Lulz)
A lot of thing has happens since then that affect my work, family, friends, and myself that believe it or not it actually make me realized how I need to appreciate my live more day-by-day…syukur Alhamdulillah to The Merciful Allah SWT to give me the strength, breath and guidance from Al-Quran in order for me to improve myself as a human being and a Muslim.