and disgraced, that what I’ve felt last night when watching my `upmost’ football team from our beloved `penjajah’ country England.
I don’t what Capello have done to the team or is it there is no teamwork especially in the rear side…sigh
Considering on changing to a new team for next world cup…I still have faith in you Three Lions for the coming Euro


Watch out new movie `Inception’ from Leonardo Di Caprio, the bad-arse actor since Aviator (sorry Titanic) coming to cinemas near you on July 15 and directed by Christopher Nolan, another bad-arse director).
Like the collaboration with Leo and Martin Scorsese (The Departed, Shutter Island etc.)

`Makan’ Trip

On 13th June our Northern Trip eventually change to `Makan’ Trip..let the picture tell the stories…

Sumptuous seafood from Penang @

Restoran Seri Idaman, Teluk Tempoyak, Penang

So far the best Mee Udang Penang that i ever had…where…here (read:below)

Located at Sg.Dua interchange, turn right after the traffic light and go straight