Converse: Jack Purcell 2.0

I am eying for this Converse by John Vervatos: Jack Pucell 2.0 edition, and yeah now Sole What! has bring this uber-style shoe to our shore. I’m looking forward for the strap version as below picture instead of the usual lace.

Jack Purcell 2.0 strap version
Jack Purcell 2.0

I will get it soon, slurp

Vanessa Hudgens is way hotter that Mariah Carey XD

Sucker Punch promo poster
Look at the poster for the first time, I was amazed as Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical) will be one of the female cast in the latest movie by Lagendary Picture (Inception, Dark Knight) that will set in the 1950s era. As the synopsis from IMDB stated 

Sucker Punch is a movie about little girl who is trying to hide from the pain caused by her evil stepfather and lobotomy. She ends up in mental institution and while there she starts to imagine alternative reality. She plans to escape from that imaginary world but to do that she needs to steal five objects before she is caught by a vile man. Story is set in 1950’s

Can’t wait XD fufufufuf…she look hot in those rubber suit! I wonder when Miranda Kerr will act in a movie Oh my!

p/s: Congrats to Orlando Bloom for his marriage to the ever lovely Miranda Kerr. darn you!

source: IMDB

Inception – 2nd viewing

Pursuant to my previous post last week on Inception , I hereby reckon that it is worth for the movie buff out there especially fans of either Christopher Nolan or Leonardo DiCaprio or both! the original ideas behind the movie is uber fantastic and mind-blowing as I’ve watched it 2nd times now and maybe will be going for third.
Deen’s revise rating for the movie a mind-blowing 5 stars! yes! go watch it you movie-tards!


Last Satuday, I went to watch this

Two-thumbs up to Leonardo DiCaprio (Dom), Joseph Gondon Levitt (Arthur), Ellen Page (Ariadne) and directed by Christopher Nolan (Dark Knight..obviously) for giving the worth-every-penny type of movie. Yes, my disappointment after watching Ong Bak 3 on the same day was resolve after watching this quality movie.
Deen’s rating 4.85/5….two-thumbs up!

sorry seems to be the hardest word?

I always wonder if the use of the word sorry could be the problem solver or in another word, wipe away the grudge or any mistake that has been done (read: damages) by either of the person. As I found that it just merely yes or no depends on the receivable from the other person.
Being a human, made mistake are one of the things to couldn’t be left out, as I’m very regret what I have done before to this lovely person where I do care as much as I can. Eventually, on that particular day, I don’t know what went wrong, suddenly my anger burst like I couldn’t imagine (read: only Allah SWT knows). I though that that day, we could be good and have a laugh together as a friend but the devil in me don’t allow that to happen so yes, it doesn’t end well, what a fool of me.
As I try as sincere as I can to apologize, still if doesn’t do any good. Sadly speaking, I’m very disappointed of myself as I couldn’t control the emotion in me, maybe this is the first time that I’ve met this kind of situation. Lesson learned, and I would never do anything like this again, full of regret and stupidity.
I hope i don’t lose those two person as a friend and I hope their perception towards me will going to change gradually even though it might take a long time. Well hoping is not a crime right?
I want to clarify that, I am not a person as you see that day despite my bad attitude that day…I still don’t know what went wrong and what am I thinking. 

Life is…well not always behind our back sometime

Well people disappoint you without knowing that the feeling of the person and well sometime without them even knowing about it. Noted that human couldn’t read other humans mind.
Without concrete reason, people tend to break the feeling and just go away with it, i don’t think it is fair.
Things don’t always work out the way you’ve always planned and wanted and yes we only can plan and Allah SWT who will be granting for it..insyaAllah. 
and life is not as rosy as you would like it to be. think you’ve got the balls to go through it?

I think i DO!….

Piece of heart

I don’t know whether I did anything wrong or did I bugging her life to much, it is just that I need the explanation as I couldn’t read people’s mind. I don’t know if you do not tell me.

I hope I still be given the chance to take care of your heart

P/s: Asal post ak semenjak-dua menjak ni banyak jiwang-jiwangan Lulz

Jiwang or not?

Adakah entry semalam menunjukkan aku seorang yang jiwang..sigh tepuk dada tanya diri sendiri owh tidak….
Ak tidak jiwang..cume meluahkan isi yang terbuku dalam hati sejak dua menjak ini…and aku harap si dia faham akan situasi ini…
Walaubagaimanapun hidup perlu diteruskan…kerja tetap kerja…outstation still outstation.
Aku akan tetap berkomuniakasi dengan si dia sampai lebam walaupun layanannya makin lama makin dingin tidak mengapa…kawan2 doakan aku berjaya insyaAllah…


I don’t even know what is wrong…but i know there is nothing wrong to be in love and i’m in love with her…
even though our meet-up up just a short meet-up and a couples of date but deep in my heart i know that i care much about her and want to be with her for the rest of my life…
but sadly, i don’t know how to put it…i just don’t know, is it i’m to bugging her which i think i don’t or else i don’t know…she the only one who have the idea and the strong reason…
if i have ever made any mistake i hope she will forgive me for what i have done and i will try to improve my self and i can’t stop loving her…
She has open my eyes to myriad of things and i know she also learn a lot from me…together we hungry for new things and knowledge…
i just want her to know that i really care about her and i love her so much…even though we are in a great distance but i hope u can wait for me `sayang’…and i really hope that you don’t ever change your mind…think it carefully, think our sweet memories together, think how we meet again at Facebook after parted for 6 years since i left for matriculation…i really miss the time we’ve spend together like you said we are easily clicked!…
i just smile when thinking about you…i just miss to stare at your beautiful eyes, i just love to hear to your jokes and antics…
you are so funny honey…
i miss that…
i hope we can work out something as i can see the future of our relationship…
i miss you….