sorry seems to be the hardest word?

I always wonder if the use of the word sorry could be the problem solver or in another word, wipe away the grudge or any mistake that has been done (read: damages) by either of the person. As I found that it just merely yes or no depends on the receivable from the other person.
Being a human, made mistake are one of the things to couldn’t be left out, as I’m very regret what I have done before to this lovely person where I do care as much as I can. Eventually, on that particular day, I don’t know what went wrong, suddenly my anger burst like I couldn’t imagine (read: only Allah SWT knows). I though that that day, we could be good and have a laugh together as a friend but the devil in me don’t allow that to happen so yes, it doesn’t end well, what a fool of me.
As I try as sincere as I can to apologize, still if doesn’t do any good. Sadly speaking, I’m very disappointed of myself as I couldn’t control the emotion in me, maybe this is the first time that I’ve met this kind of situation. Lesson learned, and I would never do anything like this again, full of regret and stupidity.
I hope i don’t lose those two person as a friend and I hope their perception towards me will going to change gradually even though it might take a long time. Well hoping is not a crime right?
I want to clarify that, I am not a person as you see that day despite my bad attitude that day…I still don’t know what went wrong and what am I thinking. 

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