Hypocrite, its not an excuses for ignorance towards our duties to Allah SWT

I like the post that being wrote by fellow blogger, Matjoe which I think its quite norm nowadays. Let’s talk about living, to be the fact living as a Muslims, here goes, have you ever heard this kind of statement?

I don’t perform the sollah as I don’t want to be told as hypocrite, what the reason I need to pray when I’m not sincere in doing it and also for the sake of showing off, like getting attention

I don’t wear hijab/`tudung’ as I don’t want the people said that I’m a hypocrite. There are people out there, yes they are wearing tudung but still showing off their bust and their figure to be seen by people surrounding. Ustazah also wear long `tudung’ but still some of them involve in sex video with warden.

Is it okay that I’m having fun with prostitute even though I have the desire to married but well, jodoh haven’t come to me yet. Is not that I’m raping the school girl like all the pedophile in my van. 

Well, I heard that…a lot!. Most of these people saying that they don’t want to be said as hypocrite and gave all the bad examples as in that what are they are doing is right. Well, the fact is that, we as a Muslim, we devote to our religion and goes behind out 5 `rukun Islam’, and to believe in the 6 of `rukun’ iman doesn’t give you the right and excuses to not being hypocrite.
Not praying/perform the solah – Whats is wrong with praying and nurture our heart so that the show off intention does not the reason, Yes, there are people pray to show off but collectively, most Muslim pray as to show that they obey to the religion and it is our obligation to do that. Remember, by performing the solah whereby it is one of the way for us to be connected with the Creator.
Not wearing tudung – Please girls, wear your tudung and dress appropriate as it does bring your good image especially for 1st impression. As such, when wearing the tudung, please wear it properly as not showing your bust and your figure as it will bring misleading to other people. In our religion, it is clear that to cover the aurat is mandatory, as such why there are need to compare with the long tudung wearer (ustazah) that having sex scandal. Maybe, you who not wearing tudung said that you have a good heart and attitude to compare with the ustazah because you don’t involve in the sex scandal. Notwithstanding this, it is the best that you wear the tudung and doesn’t involve in any sex scandal or social problem.
Having fun with prostitute – When there are in need to find your eternal soul mate, there are always better way rather than to test it out with the prostitute. Islam has thought us to in relationship in the from of ijab and kabul or to get married with the other person that you loved to fulfill our desire and lust. Prostitute?, don’t you have the fear of AIDS, HIV and other sex related disease?, until you need to were 2 layer of condom, well I think it is crap…don’t even mention the time that you will be raid/ambush by JAIS…ashamed + free marriage.
Well my Muslim brothers and sisters, think about it deeply that most of the things that I’ve mentioned just bring a short term of fun and the consequences will be long-term, i.e. rape, child dumping, etc. Please think it throughly.
Just my though for the love of my brothers, sisters and Islam.
Happy EID MUBARAK 1431H, selamat berpuasa!

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