Whisk, Serai and Empire

What does these three got to do with the post, well Whisk and Serai were both located at the Empire Shopping Galery, Subang.
It was Sunday afternoon, me and a couple of friends were plan to hang-out at this new mall near Subang Parade, (infront of Sime Darby building) which I only had one in my mind: I want  macarons!

Ish…why is my back look wet….no comment

Before we went to the Empire Shopping Gallery, I had to pick-up my friends at 2 different location and it takes me about 1 and half hour until we reached at Subang Jaya, thanks to the traffic jam and my rusty navigation skills. Anyway, I this first few weeks they are giving the shoppers a free parking and yes there are a lot of people came to the mall.

At first we did noticee Whisk (the place that initially I want to go) but reminding that we haven’t have our lunch so we head to the restaurant just in front of Whisk which is Serai.

This is a nice restaurant that serve mostly Malay foods but there also have steak burgers (yumm…must try that next time). The ambient is nice and cozy and the crowd also not to bad, it shows that the food is actually good!

Milky Bandung + Serai Platter…their signature dish

Serai Platter: The rice is soft and the Chicken is crispy outside with the fluffiness of its meat
with the right amount of 

Nasi Ambeng: An Old-Johore Delicacies with a modern twist and my friend like
it to be in this size and the lamb rendang is good too

Milky Bandung: Old time rose syrup + soda + condensed milk
a truly sinful drink

Honeydew Blast: The taste was mind-blasting (so its name), honey dew extract
with a hint of lemon taste

After we scatter around which the place is quite okay for shopping, most of the renowned brand are there. Well, after all the walking, we head down to Whisk and yeah, I need to wait outside of the shop as it was full-house.

the name

Macarons: In varies of colors and flavors, I like the chocolate and the blue one which
actually has the peanut butter filling inside
Red Velvet cake: One of the famous cake here in whisk, which is one of a
must-to-have and its goes very well with a cup of brew of the day
of cappuccino…nice!

All in all both both Serai and Whisk has gave me a different experience of eating, and you can have it side by side. It is a worth to try, and I would go to Whisk again to try their other signature desserts like Mockingbird cake, Carrot cake, cupcakes and yes they are also have the Red Velvet in the form of cupcakes.

p/s: Credit to Amir for the amazing photos, will need your service again later yeah dude

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