Cool!: Spiderman on broadway?

At first i couldn’t believe both my ears and my ears, my ears as Phat Fabs and Nadia from Fly.FM, announce that there will be Spiderman the live performance which as we know as Broadway in the US that will be showing in November. This morning I just laugh at it as `who am i kidding?’ Spiderman? Broadway?…where he want to tangle himself in the small amphitheater, they must be joking.
I surf the web to confirm it, well Spidey is one of my favorite character and yes I don’t believe that they can do a live-performance in Broadway for Spiderman and in musical. Yes, it is confirmed that the `Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark’, yes that is the title of the show will be directed by Julie Taymor and based on the book by Julie herself and Glen Berger. Apart from that, the musical part will be handle by Bono and The Edge, yes! you hear me right, its Bono from U2, how cool is that!.

The poster
The cast that will be performing for the `your neighborhood superheroes, Spiderman are mainly new to most of us but well-known in the industry to named a few Reeve Carney who will play as Peter Parker, Jennifer Damiano as Mary Jane Watson and Patric Page as Norman Osborn aka The Green Goblin.

Peter Parker, okay that some good lookin’ Pete
MJ, errr…hey Kirsten Dunts where are you…

Hopefully, the performance will be great with such a bad-ass lineup I must say. Nonetheless, the music will be awesome knowing that Bono and The Edge are behind it.

With Great Powers Come Great Responsibilities – Uncle Ben

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