Memerangi Syarikat Umbrella (Fighting Umbrella Corporation)

Sudah diketahui umum dari siri Residen Evil (RE) yang awal lagi, yang Umbrella Corporation merupakan sebuah sindiket yang penuh dengan rancangan rahsia untuk menakluki dunia (a very typical intro,yes?). 
Okay, the fact is that this is the 4th installment from the previous trilogy of REs and they called it as Resident Evil: After Life aka REAL (okay, I think I just made that). This time they will bring it in 3D, yes ladies and gentlemen there’s going to be a lot of action packed in latest 3D technology as I’ve seen the trailer the picture look real crisp and yes ALICE (Milla Jovovich) looked much more hotter in 3D.


Like the previous franchise of RE, the story goes in a world ravaged by virus infection that turning its victims into the zombies, yes the slow + creepy looking creature or the Undead. ALICE continues on her journey to find survivor and yes encounter with minions from Umbrella Corporation with deadlier battle than before.
Alice with double katana

Now she will not be fighting alone as she will get the assistance from an old friend that will fight the rampage of Umbrella’s Undead that will takes them to LA, which they don’t know whats waiting for them there, a deadly trap!. If will be given the chance to take the part of ALICE or CLAIRE (yes the comrades that is playes by Ali Larter) with Chris (Wentworth Miller), as usual follow my heart and my brain with lots-of-bad-ass-weapons and deadly-rides, I will dash through the millions of Undead that try to stop me! Kill-em-ALL! and yes head-shot is a must!

Claire and Chris Redfield along side Alice

wanna see my red eyes?
REAL will be showing in our shore this September and yes again in 3D thanks to Sony Pictures, this time the action will be real whereby you can feel bullets coming for your face along with zombies!. Let’s get shooting! 

I hope this will be their final installment and yeah, I wonder what I will rate the movie hehehe.

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