Today, last night I think I’m happy because of several reason as follows:

  1. Chloe is clean again, yes couple hours after sahoor, subuh prayer, movies and newspaper reading later I went downstairs and picked up the pail and several beautification products for my girl. Head outside and fill the pail with tap water and mix it up with the special shampoo from your nearest shop. Now she looked beautiful again and yes Chloe is my new baby girl a car, silly? I don’t think so.
  2. Iftar with my UiTM-mates at Red Wok, Seksyen 7 Bangi (will upload some of the picture later) which for me the place was a good place for people who craves for a steamboat + pan-grill style food like Seoul Garden but you don’t need to put a hole in your pockets to enjoy a good meal. Thanks Anna for the reservation and thanks guys for the invite, hope we will meet again for our usual Raya Tour. About Red Wok, definitely will go there again..it quite nice I must say, minus the crowd for the Iftar whoishh.
  3. Sweet present for my belated birthday this month from one of my good friends, before sending her back home..she gave me this present that is a caricature that shown an image of me and her sit in a convertible, sorry at first I don’t recognize you that drove DEEN 24. Cool stuff!. Appreciate for the present and you are so sweet, maybe we can hang-out after Raya? (finger crossed…)…and yes I like you..still.
  4. Karaoke, at first we are planned to sing-our-heart-out at this karaoke parlour near Wangsa Walk, but when we reached there after the Iftar..OMG, look at the crowd and the we decided to go to Neway karaoke at Cheras Plaza and yes we managed to get a room and the rates were quite reasonable and at first we were given up till 5 a.m, but we has to stop at 2.30 a.m because one of us need to get back, its okay…next time 3 hours straight guys!.
  5. Early sahoor at McD, ahhh..its been 1++ years since I’ve been to McD, reason? well you know well enough. Nonetheless, as far as majority is concerned, I have no choice to have my meal there as my parents were currently at kampong and I’m all alone here (yes, typing this entry).
Well overall, after more that 10 hours outside I think it is one of my day that make me happy especially item no 4.(thanks again!) and Sunday is today..what I will do today after I wake up later?…any idea?

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