Hello September

Salam, to blog walkers,
Congratulation! a big one to my beloved country as yesterday 31st August 2010, we has gone 53 years of Independence and we will also be celebrating the Malaysia day on the 16 of September 2010, which mark the day that Malaya been combine with the Borneo island and become Malaysia on the same date 1969.
Today, is 1st September, new month in Muslim holy month of Ramadhan 1431H where there are about 10 days before we are celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri. 
New month, new planning, new objective, new attitude (I really hope on this) and new aggressiveness towards work. Nonetheless, as we become older day by day, we must learn to improve ourself (that also apply to me) and we must do the best that we can to fulfill our dream.
Make the most of today as yesterday has pass us by and new day tomorrow will come.
Happy day! Happy September

Just for illustration purposes…i think the lady is hawt =P

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