Deepavali: Top 5 favorite Indian food

Tomorrow Malaysia will be celebrating one of the most prominent festival for the Hindus which is Deepavali or the festival of light. Happy Deepavali to all my Hindus friends and to others have a happy long weekends!

When it comes to festivities like this, there are always good food, yes abundant of them and for these Deepavali celebration, I would like to share to all of you top 5 of my fav on Indian foods, here goes:

  1. Vadai – Owh my a wholesome doughnut like-fluffy-spicy that is taste good when you have it pipping-hot fresh from the sinful-deep fry-oil. I can’t stop to think of it, hmmm…maybe I’m going to have these for lunch and its cheaper than doughnuts, fuck you western doughnuts!
  2. Chapati – A flat bread that made of whole-wheat flour and cooked on a flat skillet with little oil, yes it is healthier that roti canai. Like any other Indian food, it is good when eat with dhall or curry, while some places will offer potatoes-curry or sardines. Wholesome!
  3. Banana leaf rice – Another sinful delicacies and delicious too, I have my favorite place to eat these at Jalan Gasing, and while you enjoy it and add-that-this-and-everything, wait till the bill come. Nonetheless, it taste good and you can have a lot of dishes to get along with the rice and aroma of the  banana leaf especially when most of the fried dishes will be fried there and then. Heaven!
  4. Roti Canai – One of Malaysian favorite breakfast that also called as Roti Parata in Singapore and other countries. Best to eat it while it is hot so that you can still taste its fluffiness of the inside and crispy on the outside. Best to eat with dhall and curry.
  5. Masala tea –  It is a spiced milky tea where it is a little bit eye-opener (depending amount of spices that were mix into the tea) that an alternative to espresso (another eye-opener in the morning). Good to have is as an after-lunch-drink especially when you just finished a full leaf of banana leaf rice.
There you have it, I would like to know about your favorite Indian food, how about yours?

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