it has arrived

Few weeks ago, after I came back from my short-N-nice Kuantan trip I stumble upon a brown box with a quite familir logo…oh my it has arrived. At last after waiting for more than 3 weeks even for a small shipment whereby I don’t know the cause of the delay (from the merchant to the U.S address), all in all the item has arrived and I was relief. This has arrived….

They used DHL, well at least they used quite prominent logistic provider rather than plain-old airmail. Hmmm, I wonder from who….

Its from SEPHORA, one of the prominent beauty shop in the world, like SASA in Malaysia. You can judge me all you want but I’m buy from therm because I want to test the hopshopgo services and yes in a less than 5 days my package has arrive after I’ve confirm the shipment. Cool!

This what I ordered….

A toiletries set from Anthony Logistics as I always on the go and frequently on outstation, that is why I buy this and I also get free sample of Tom Ford Miniature and Bella Nude Perfume.
Damn, I will use their service again, with now I have added my Visa Debit Card in my Paypal account 

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