Makan: Mee Rebus Tulang ZZ

Just a short review and recommendation to whoever that planning to have a trip to Johore, a must try Mee Rebus Tulang + Daging at Restoran ZZ Sup Tulang. The predict, sinful + juicy + delicious that you can get for a Mee Rebus Tulang. One of the makan place that recommended by most people especially the Johorean. Most of the offerings are great! Just to be name a few Mee Hoon Sup Daging, Soto Ayam, Lontong Kering, Nasi Ayam Penyet and Bubur Nasi

These are the summary of the place
Restoran ZZ Sup Tulang
Location: Jalan Petrie (JKR Daerah) if you coming from Tebray Highway look out for Tune Hotel signboard and Jalan Mahmoodiah, its located near Thistle Hotel and Dataran Sultan Abu Bakar.
Recommendation: Mee Rebus Tulang, Lontong Kering and Sup Tulang
Businnes hour: 07.00 am – 11.00pm

Slurpp your self to the picture…

3 thoughts on “Makan: Mee Rebus Tulang ZZ

  1. Urgh!

    Mee Rebus Tulang~




    Hi Deen.
    I'm Zara from Dunia Sebelah Zara.
    Thanks for dropped your comment there.

    Oh, tentang basikal yang kamu tanya. I bought it on 25th Oct 2010.
    Nak beli basikal kena bawa orang yang betul2 tahu tentang basikal, dan ya, Zara bawa geng2 basikal untuk tolong Zara pilih yang terbaik berdasarkan berapa budget yang Zara ada.

    Dan ya, Zara beli basikal ni di Muar.
    Tak pasti pula geng basikal di JB biasanya beli di mana basikal mereka.


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