2011 New Year resolutions

Each year i’d have list (sort of) new year resolutions and for 2010 most of the items already achieved and yes for this coming new year, hopefully more and more items can be achieved that will bring a new promise to DONE IT! (i know it has been 14 days since the year started, who cares this is my blog and currently i’am very lazy in term of updating the blog, chuckled)

Let’s recap for 2010’s items:

SAVING (for saving no need specific goals or objective per se ,i.e, to get married, to buy a house ataupun yang sewaktu dengannya) just start saving for emergency purposes or for later days. Thanks to moneyStrand, my financial planning has never be the same again since much more structured yet simplified. Last year I’ve been testing the moneyStrand and I found it as a good financial monitoring at least for me after using the budget monitoring tool from Malaysian site that base on the Excel worksheet.

NEW CAR, the year 2010 will mark the a new path in my life as I managed to buy my first car after I’ve been using my 10 years old Perodua Kancil for about 3 years since my study years and I change it to Proton Persona Elegance (yipeee). I must say that I love that car as so far it does not bring me much problem yet hassle (maybe its a first-timer-luck) as for as much that I heard Proton is famous to give up problematic cars to their customer and that not happening to me.
SPEND WISELY, last year I must say that I couldn’t fulfill this resolutions as I started to use credit card and I’am so into online shopping and I you see from my statement where most of it stated USD as the currencies and yes I must control this habit for this year (albeit I already do my shopping in the January itself hahaha)
MORE ACTIVE, as last year I had a lot of outstation to do that restricting me from going actives, i.e, gym, basketball or other sport activities and for this year I plan to improve on that by signing up to the gym near my office.
SOLAT, I’am happy that I manage to consistently to perform the solat even though sometimes time will prohibits me too but this is my obligations and I must obey to it.
APPEARENCES, well I would said same as previous year since I started working after graduated which from time to time I tries to improve on how I look, which didn’t look like teenagers and to go more towards young-career-oriented person looks. I think I will keep improve on that this year
WORK PERFORMANCE, in view that I already done with my end-of-year review and I must said that I has gotten a good review from my superior which I would said that I have fulfill this objective very well indeed. Tahniah deen!

this are briefly my 2011 resolutions:

to SPEND WISELY need to do this since i am known for my impulse spending streak especially with online shopping from oversea.

to improve on SAVING which I already instructed my banks to transfer part of my salaries to other accounts for saving purposes, I also had the plan to invest in several investment mechanism such as UT, gold and properties which for a long-term will give me insyaAllah some benefits for my retirement.
I will need to place more emphasis on my appearance since my responsibilities has gradually increased that require me to keep a professional image especially to the clients
I think thats all that I think that I can share with you guys (which I think that just about it), if I draft a lengthy
resolutions which I’am afraid that i wouldn’t manage to achieve it.

p/s: I think it is not to late for me to wish all of you Happy New Year 2011.

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