who am i?

I have stumble upon a statement from my close friends which I’m very close to her referring that we’ve been together since our A-Level and we still contact each other till now.

Well she said that, sometime I will an inferior to her as opposed that in view of the lifestyle that I’ve been practicing which more towards urban, stylish and up-scale which I have a deep thinking on it, am I?

I don’t blame anybody for saying that which sometimes I agreed with them but still I’m the same old me, simple, shy, unattractive and not your guy-next-door, better still people can be judgemental and usually we will be affected what people were talking about us and the result that you can see now more or less were from the feedback from people surroundings.

Why I’m saying that? because that’s is how I’m, which I think why my friend said such thing because of the changes or improvement (not to say improvement per se but more toward evolution) that sees in me throughout the time after we were graduated from the university which most of us has step into the corporate world that require me look such away to convey the professionalism that instill whereby casual looks were prohibited in my profession which sometime I envy most of my friend that have `Casual Friday’, furthermore I’m an auditor that most of the time requires me to deal with a lot different level of people around the group.

I don’t see myself as an urban or modern type of person not because I’m an urbanites (literally) because I was born and breed in Petaling Jaya which I’m so proud of that as the city has developed much since I was born. Actually, I’m just like other people change in the effect of surroundings and environment which that are more towards my physical appearances and no comment on my attitude, that one you can ask from most of my friends on how much that did I changed in term of attitude throughout the years I befriended them.

About women, well I might have said what I `want’ but in normal case scenario it usually the actual things will not 100% reflected what I had said before such as `face like and angel and figure like a devil’ there are possibilities that I would what I want but still it depends on where and how and me being me I don’t think I can get what I want instead what I need (previous experience). So, yes I can give a long list on what I want in for my dream lady but honey, that just a mere list and I bet 50% of the list will not reflecting the actual result. However, If my rezeki is okay, I still hoping that I will get what I want still I doubt it…doubt it hard!.

As my BFF always asked when to get a steady girlfriend and I would give her a mere standard answer on the jodoh and time consuming. Well, in regards to my 2011’s resolutions I hope that I can find someone to be with to care and to share. Just wait for it.

There are a lot of things that I want to share with your guys about me but I’m the person that like to asked and love to answer all of your questions, so guys anything to ask you can just Formspring me, drop me an email or just comment it below.

p/s: I just feel so good that I manage to continue to write again
p/s/s: sorry for the lack of picture in this post as I’m just lazy to put any picture in it, just browse to my Facebook for pictures.

One thought on “who am i?

  1. salam

    now i get what u meant when u said 'rajen nya Ieda upload pictures on her blog posts'! Hahah 😉

    what can i say is, you know yourself better. so do not let what others think of you deter you from taking any steps ahead, be it about love or life.

    just be yourself, ok? you go cousin! 😀

    – Aussie ppl (blerghh :P)


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