Battle: Los Angeles

Hey guys,
Last Sunday, after I’ve sent my shoe for repair and me and my friends got nothing to do and we decided to watch this
instead of our original plan to watch Rango (damn!) but anyhow, here is my review
Director: Jonathan Liebesman
Who’s in it: Aaron Eckhart (the guy as Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight), Michele Rodriguez (you already knew her from most of action movies or most of the movies), Ne-Yo (yes the hip-hop star)
What’s it about: When an alien invasion strikes all major cities on Earth, it’s up to Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz to lead a troop of green Marines into the heart of battle to retrieve civilians caught in the crossfire despite hes supposedly to retire from his 20 years of service.
Why I like it: It’s probably the best gritty alien invasion movie to date, with a great leading man in Aaron Eckhart’s tortured Michael Nantz and a multi-ethnic backup cast that can stand well on its own. The special effects are reminiscent of ‘District 9’ with its gritty real-life feel which what I really like about it. The action has been nicely done.
Why I don’t: The aliens seem somewhat half-baked as I don’t really find out their motive for invasion except some speculations from an expert (water), and you don’t really see the aliens in detail. Some of the supporting cast merely serves as cannon fodder, and does Michele Rodriguez have to play every tough girl in Hollywood??. Nevetheless, yes it is very Americans movie.
Verdict: This is popcorn entertainment at its best- an action film with a very human plot that puts you in the protagonists cheering squad every time. Unfortunately, some of the plot isn’t quite there, but it doesn’t really matter if you just want to see humans repulse an alien invasion through nothing but indomitable spirits.
Ratings: 3.5 out of 5

Sucker Punch

Last week, I manage to watched this movie that I’ve been waiting since last year when they roll out the poster of Blondie. Yes, for 2011, I would change the format of my review to a simple version rather than `karangan’ style
Director: Zack Snyder (the guy who also involve in upcoming Superman movie)
Who’s in it: Emily Browning, Vanessa Hudgens, Abbie Cornish, Jamie Chung, Jena Malone
What’s it about: Locked against her own will and framed for a murder she didn’t commit (usual stuff), Babydoll (Browning) turns to her new friends to devise a plot to escape from the mental institution by, get this, her imagination (more or less like Inception).
Why I like it: Guns, bombs, flying kicks and visually-pleasing effects; the film doesn’t get better than this. Best to watch all that on the on 2D or 3D. Plus it’s Zack and he can do whatever he wants; even if it means dressing five hot girls in scintillating outfits (I really like this)
Why I don’t: About the plot, there’s nothing visionary about it as I don’t see the punch albeit the `Sucker Punch’ for the title. I must said that it has terrible storyline as some of the story has been cut-short maybe to give the way for the imagination of Babydollm but brilliant effects.Pity
Verdict: I still give this film a spin for its dramatic direction, albeit the careless plot. We reckon Zack should just stick to directing and leave the storywriting to others. Anyway just enjoy the all-round-slow-motion-effects. Nuff said
Rating: 2.5 out of 5 (maybe extra 0.5 for the girls)


Hey guys,
Sorry for the long hiatus, I’ve been hooked by my work and also never ending invitation from friends to join this and that which it was a fun thing to do since I’ve no commitment to adhere to. Anyhow, I have gotten into my reading mode back and yes, not just blog reading as I manage to buy some books for this 1st quarter (I’ve planned to but couple of books for every quarter of this year).
Some of the books that I’ve already bough were Doctor In The House – Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed, Get Rich and Be Happy – Robert T.Kiyosaki (one of my favourite author) and also The Greatness Guide: Book 2 – Robin Sharma. As at this time, I have read the first 2 books in the list whereby I found out these are some of the great materials to read and the reason I only started with this two books is that the 1st book is very thick which I only got the time to read and will try to read one chapter or more each night as it is quite thick for a mere 100bucks book (that is considered cheap and worth buying) and the other is the Kiyosaki’s book which at this time I manage to read near to half of the book in one day as it so interesting on how to make the money work for you and to realized that to have a stable income does not promise you a better life.
Further, I also has found out that Esquire has landed it feet into Malaysia market, and yes I already gotten a copy of it the Premier Issue and was thinking to subscribe with my Men’s Health subscription which up till now I never manage to continue to renew my subscription which I am planning to do it soon.
Happy reading guys!
p/s: This just a short post as I’m writing it at the office while I have tonnes of work to do (chuckled)