Bones made of metal: Wolverine

Since I knew or make to know Wolverine in Marvel’s X-Men series I always adored how the creator of X-Men made the idea on creating a character that look like mutant but the fact is that he is no mutant but a mere-artificially-created human or can I just said Super Human with his Claws and bones that made of Adamantium and has the ability to heal himself. Nevertheless, I think this ability made him one of the favorite character in X-Men series and has his own fan despite the ever popular Cyclop and Gambit.

One of the original X-Men members – Wolverine a.k.a Logan
Despite the ever popular X-Men franchise in term of their animated series and also a couple of movies, X-Men, X-Men 2 and X-Men 3. Marvel has took the initiative to made a movies that focus towards each of the popular character in the
`X-Men: Origins’ series and they has start off with X-Men Origins : Wolverine with the star of an Australian, Hugh Jackman as Logak a.k.a Wolverine. In my opinion, Mr Hugh has brough up the characted nicely up to the fan’s expectation with the appearences and also the charisma of the character. Me myself has be amongst others a big fan of Hugh Jackman.
However, when he need to travel which on the moview there will always his motorcycle and also the ever popular Blackbird, I always wonder how it is like when he need to travel using the commercial plane, how the hell he can passed the metal detector gate? maybe like this?
Have a nice day folks!

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