Cowboys & Aliens

Hello guys,
This would be my said on the latest movie by Universal Studios, Cowboys & Aliens which I watched last Friday night
The story line goes on slow but I think Jon Favreau (director of Iron Man) did it that way so that the audience will understand the movie which I think for me yes, it is easy to understand on the reason to why Jake had lost his memories at first.
Starring: Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde
It has been a while since we’ve been serve to a Wild-Wild West era type of movie and this has been a nice fusion take has a modern feel in it.
Daniel Craig doing a good job talking in `Cowboy’ style accent instead of his typical British accents as a bond (fact:he is British).
I dont’t know why the aliens use acowboy style to kidnapped the people from the town using lasso well at least it has been modernised using metal instead of rope, why dont you use laser beam or what so ever.
Olivia Wilde as always, look stunning in this movie and also her character of a different race of alien that determine to find out the weaknesses of the gold-sucking aliens.
The scene where the Apache work together with the cowboys is cool, the usage of spear and handgun but I wonder why they did’t steal the laset rifle from the aliens when they died?
I like the character of Colonel Woodrow Dolarhyde played by Harrison Ford, his charismatic and personality of retired command officer that bring to the succesfullness of saving his sons with the others really nicely done.
I still wonder why the aliens wanted to extract gold from the earth which Jon Favreau doesn’t elaborate much on it rather than when Ella (Olivia) said that it has the same necessity from the human in term of mining gold.
I think Daniel Craig is quite old for the charater of Jake Lonergan 
For a mere 118 minutes I found out this movie quite entertaining and Jon Favreau has bring to us something different apart from Predators & Aliens.
My rating 3.7/5
Nice to watch

Ramadhan Kareem

It has a very long while since my last update aite, getting tight with work and other activity. Furthermore, I’am also getting hooked up with my new activity which is paintball that we usually play at least twice a month.
I will try to write again maybe share some articles or make a review, thus make this small blog live again.
I hope it is not late to wish all of you my beloved readers and blog walker, Ramadhan Kareem or Selamat Menjalani Ibadah Puasa di Bulan Ramadhan Al-Mubaraq
Thanks for reading