[Teaser] Ulasan tentang buku

Aku terfikir sejenak tatkala membaca karya terbaru dari Nami Cob Nobbler berjudul Awek Chuck Taylor yang sudah boleh ditempah bersama Kitab Terfaktab #1 disini iaitu untuk membuat ulasan dari sudut pandangan dan pemikiran aku.
Mungkin tidak sehebat atau sedetail penulis lain tapi sebagai berkongsi pandangan dari sisi pemikiran aku.
Nantikan ulasan dalam tag [REVIU] maaf penggunaan ejaan manglish kerana aku rasa selesa dengan perkataan itu.

Kenapa aku jarang update?

As most of you knew lately I seldom update my blog if compared to last year and I think that the laziness to write in English has made up the reason for the long hiatus
Bahasa Melayu mode…
Aku jarang menulis mungkin kerana hilang idea ataupun perkara-perkara yang aku minati yang sebelum ini menjadi sumber atau bahan setiap penulisan mudah aku pun tidak aku utilize seperti dulu, mungkin mahu simpan info itu dalam diri.
Mungkin juga aku banyak menghabiskan masa di Facebook dan Formspring, rakan-rakan sudi-sudikanlah ikuti aku di Facebook aku, dan jika ada soalan sila tanya di Formspring aku, boleh?
Selepas ini aku akan cuba untuk kembali rajin menulis dan berkongsi dengan kamu apa sahaja yang aku rasakan menarik, mungkin lebih menggunakan bahasa ibunda aku sendiri.
p/s: aku mendapat jemputan untuk menjadi penulis undangan di sebuah laman blog baru, nantikan 

Never Give Up

These quote really give me the inspiration to move forward on my fitness level and almost everything that related to my life!

Never Give Up!
You can afford to be angry,
You can afford to feel disappointed,
You can afford to feel tired


You are not allowed to give up
-Raja Abdul Rahman

I have participate my first night marathon at Putrajaya of Men’s Health Night Run 2011 and will continue to participate in any future event

Never Give UP!

Source: HooHa Asia

Cool Watches: Casio G-Shock G-8900A

Casio melalui model popular dan terlarisnya G-Shock G-8900 akan memperkenalkan 5 variasi warna baru. Variasi terbaru tersebut bakal memperkenalkan rekaan terkini dan berkerangka aluminum. Seperti model terdahulu, model terkini ini akan di sertakan dengan beberapa fungsi standard antaranya

  • kalis air sedalam 200 meter
  • kalis hentakan/gegaran
  • pancaran lampu belakang `LED Super IIluminator’
  • waktu bandar2 utam dunia
Jam tangan yang diperkukuhkan daripada resin dan aluminum itu dijamin ketahanan bateri sehingga 5 tahun untuk penggunaan yang berpanjangan.
Model 8900A ini akan mula berada dipasaran mulai November 2011
Komen: I will definitely get this!
Source: Hypebeast

Journey: Abu Dhabi

Hey folks,

My trip to Abu Dhabi was on April 2011 as stated in this Land of the Desert post. The reason of the delay is I has gotten tight up with my job and also I forget where did I placed all the picture of my work visit there.

I don’t have the idea what to write as the trip were a work trip rather than vacation so, just wanted to share the picture that taken there since I already found out where I put those pictures.

Our dinner


Madinat Zayed

Our accomodation

Madinat Zayed Hospital

The entrance to Tilal Liwa hotel

Tilal Liwa hotel

Our site office there


The sand..it so soft

One for the pircture

my colleague

Our ride

Land Cruiser Prado

Man at work

Turkish joint

the office cat

the feast

in front of a restaurant that served one of the best Mandy in Madinat Zayed

Labour camp

feast with the bosses

one for the album

doing our job

Camel Rose – Rendang unta

forgot the name of this but it is tasty!

he thought so too

feast on the last day

group photo with the staff

The picture above was taken before our flight back to Kuala Lumpur, the late night at Abu Dhabi city…sadly we don’t have enough time to venture around as the whole week there was only intended for work.

Why not to love again?

If you admire the rainbow after the rain, then why not love again after the pain? (Shafaza Zara, 2011)

Found this statement from fellow blogger that I must said that I always envy the way she writes
It amazed me that a high school teacher can write and come out with such a beautiful quote. I somewhat agreed to the quote whereby even though you have met some difficulties in your love life in the past and at the moment there are new love that coming in but unfortunately because of the unforgivable history you don’t give the chance the new comers to come in and nurture the care and love to you.
The meaning is very straight forward and it rhyme well with the sentences, most people like rainbow and rainbow only occurs after the rain has stops which some of us willing to wait for the rain to stop just to see the magnificent phenomenon created by Allah SWT and it happens again and again after rain.
even though you have been stroke off by pain over and over again, Istiqamah in yourself, give yourself a chance to move on and not dwelling in the past and accept new love…who knows, InsyaAllah that might be your true love
p/s: Always endure great quotes   

Long Hiatus

It has been a while (read: long time already) i’ve been in hiatus which I don’t frequently update this blog. Don’t have the idea what to write, used to think that I should write about my working life as currently it has been on amazing phase but when think about it futher, naah…it will be bored and there’s no people coming here pun.
What make me want to write back?
Well for some reason, a friend just randomly asked me about my previous food blog which also has been idle for quite a long time and also she asked about my personal blog. Well, as usual the no idea reasons become my best answer to her and added the flavor of `no time’ quote.
No idea? really?
It’s not that I don’t have the idea to write but the enthusiastic to write and elaborate the elements that occurred in my mind that make it hard for me to start typing, its not the same as writing report as that is my task to do it and it has been the drive for me to gain further information in order to complete the report on time. Oh yeah, FYI I’m targeting to issue my draft report by the end of the month and I hope this will be my greatest report for my first.
Report, what report?
Well, as most of you know that i’m in control & risk management working line short for Internal Audit. As such, our only product that we can sell to the client is well the Internal Audit report. Currently, I’m doing audit on sales & marketing at Johor and we have been here for nearly 3 weeks including the days that we has to come back to the office for discussion with my boss, that was fun!.
Now, I’m back again at Johor to re-clarify our findings and I’m hoping that I can issue the draft report in timely manner. Oh last weekend (Saturday night to be exact) me and couple of friends got the chance to saw The Secret Life of Nora by Enfiniti Productions at Istana Budaya, well the show was OK but the people who join me for the show were awesome.
Oh ya, before that on Saturday morning me and my team went to Cyberjaya Paintball park to train as like the blog it has been long hiatus since our last training as we target to enter the paintball tournament starting next year (read:small tournaments). I have bruise here and there and there are a lot that we need to improve and it is good that on that day we manage to get guidance from the pros and we still need to get the numbers for the team which we still has not come out with the confirmed numbers, yet. Wish us the best for it!
Don’t date arent’ you?
Don’t have anybody to date
Next session of paint balling?
Well, one of my team mate has invited me to join other team in their paint ball session this Saturday, InsyaAllah I try to come as I hope I still have the energy since I will be driving back from Johor on the night before.
That’s all for now, see yah X)