Project Chloe: Early Progress (Sport Rims, Tires and brake pads)


I think it has been a long time since my update on the Project Chloe that was published about 2 years ago, yes that long huh

In the nutshell, the planning last time were as follows:

  1. Replacing the stock rims with a new set of wheels in 17″ by either from Advanti or Lenso.  Projected cost about RM2500
  2. Put new set of disc brake for the rear brake which planning to put some ATX or Bendix.  Projected cost about RM500/pair
  3. Stabilizing the car voltage, to put Raizin by Pivot to handle and stabilize the voltage.  Cost about RM200
  4. To increase the power of the car by changing the stock exhaust and extractor to a custom made which will cost around RM1500

Well 2 years has gone and these were some of the small upgrades that I have done to Chloe as follows:

  1. Stock rims change to R3 Gun Metal 16″ Sport Rim from R3 wrapped with Bridgestone Potenza Adrenaline RE002 205/50/16 tires. 
  2. No rear brake disc that was change, I just change the front brake pads to the Bendix Metal King brake pads. 
  3. No Raizin install at the moment
  4. No upgrading of extractor at the moment

As at now, these are the progress of the project and due to insufficient fund I might delay a bit on to upgrading other parts. 



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