i think i should start a new page

Assalamualaikum..good day,

`deenweirdoz’?! is that name for a site? Are you kidding me?

I’m not actually, that was the name of my old site. Established in my teenage years, I’m still a teenager now but wiser now.

So this going to be my first post for in this WordPress and insyaAllah more will come

This also will be my testing ground to test my writing skills as my job require me to do a lot of report writing even though it not the same in term of style but the objective is still the same..to convey a message

Oh, going to celebrate my 1st wedding anniversary next month insyaAllah..weehoo and sykur to Allah SWT to all HIS blessings.

With a much mature name for the site and Bismillahhirahmanirrahim, I officially open my site

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