Kicks #3: Nike Overplay IV

Salam blog walker,

Last few-nights, after a long wait I managed to get my hand on my new basketball kicks which I bought from my friend’s sister that currently studying in UK with a low-ball price!. Even though for an old model, in Malaysia these old model of Nikes will still cost you about RM 170 and above and sometime when you have the money they don’t have the size for your small asian foot..sigh.

At last after few years venturing into this game without the proper basketball shoes, and now I’ve have the chance to improve my game with this new kicks. I love this game!

p/s: I always have a passion for nice kicks

Kicks #2: Nike AF1 Low Premium DJ Premier

It has been a while since i left this blog with my story as for the last 3 weeks, I’m on working trip to Indonesia…Bali, Semarang and Jakarta to be specific which the only post that I managed to bring up was the post on the Gatsby Street Fair. I will not write about my wonderful adventure that I had while I’m in Indonesia (which I really were having fun there instead of working!), whereas this is about the new kicks that I’ve acquire while I’m wondering alone in The Gardens last Sunday.
The kicks is this….

The DJ Premier x Nike Air Force 1 Low has distinctive design of black, darn green, dark blue colourway with premium materials being used on the upper which mostly leather, a soft leather too which I like it very much. A sleek design with laser engraved details onto the upper, including DJ Premier that written over the two heels at the back.
The in-sole (Air-SoleTM) comes with all-over design and the outer sole is translucent with a design underneath and the upper also comes with contrasting stitching, matching colourway of the tongue tag.
Furthermore DJ Premier is written on the laces which come in black and white laces, also the lace-locks. All in all, this signature shoes will be one of my ultimate collection so far with its design and also the comfort of it.

Kicks #1:Cole Haan Oxford

No i’m not talking about any human being, this just came in yesterday…..

This fine-piece from Nike come a sleek oxford crafted in vachetta leather combining a rich material mix of sport-inspired oiled suede detailing and artful topstitching. This shoe also Concealed NIKE AIR Technology in the heel and front footbed for ultimate comfort (it is very comfortable indeed!)

So, if you want something different in term of style + out of normality in term of brand hence it is worth buying, so head down to Cole Haan website to get yourself a pair, they also have massive range of shoes from dress-shoes to casual.

I know i’m a man but i just keen to collect shoes especially the limited edition pair, AF1, and more. Planning to own different pair of shoes for each quarter and next will be the….

This is an Superstar 2 Star Wars from Adidas Originals, arghhh…I can’t wait to get the piece soon!

P/s: Thanks to Rayanne for made my dream come true