Online shopping made easy – HOPSHOPGO

Last few days I’ve receive an notification from Pay-pal regarding the website by comGateway who recently announce it collaboration with PayPal (me like PayPal) the lauch of HopShopGo (HSG), a one-stop center for shop, buy and ship gateway that will offer you shop-a-holic the access to more that 300,000 US online retailers! (I’m really drolling over it!)
For me online shopping is definitely the way to go, well no traffic jams, save the times looking for parkings and yes wandering around and looking for the best deals that usually will took more than 3 hours to (if I’m in a serious shopping mode that day). Having said that, one of the main barriers that is stopping Malaysian onliners from doing more online shopping has to be be the element of trust – scared of purchasing expensive things from foreign websites as they are of us is credit card fraud and the typical problems that we are facing as Malaysian that most of these online vendor totally omitting Malaysia as a shipping destination.
 Now, we may breath easy as the collaboration provide Malaysian shop-a-holic a new experience of online shopping (which i really like this part)…user friendly, fairly simple and straight forward service. You just log in to your HSG acccount (if you already have PayPal even me!). HSG provide shoppers with 2 types of services namely BuyForMe that shoppers can utilize HSG’s payment platform should the your merchant of choice doesn’t accept Malaysian credit cards and ShipForMeService if the merchant doesn’t ship to Malaysia. As for me I use both, what the heck!. easy-peacy 
For a short time period, until September 30, 2010, the first 3000 registered users who make purchases with PayPal will receive a shipping waiver for the first 2kg of international shipping (well that is a lot literally), as well as a bump up to Prime Membership for the first three months.
I’ve already got my hand on this service and are waiting for my shipment and I would say that this kind of service are convenient and awesome!. Without further a due, go head down to the HopShopGo website at for more details, as well as a more in-depth look at their services, they have tutorial video too!, how cool is that!.
Happy shopping!