[PENGALAMAN] NESCAFE GOLD BLEND Barista Machine: Kopi dalam sentuhan butang


Dengan NESCAGE GOLD BLEND Barista Machine, korang boleh menikmati kopi ala-kafe dengan hanya sentuhan butang. Tiada kapsul diperlukan hanya memerlukan serbuk kopi yang di beku-kering (freeze dried) dari siri NESCAGE GOLD.

The box

Korang boleh dapatkan set ini di Lazada dengan harga promosi RM219 yang dibekalkan oleh Nescafe dengan kerjasama Lazada. Korang akan dapat mesin pembancuh kopi Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Style, 1 botol Nescafe Gold Blend 200g dan pek isian semula 170g dan mungkin susu UHT penuh krim Nestle seperti dalam gambar.

Aku beli set ni masa harga RM249 iaitu dapat 2 botol Nescafe Gold Blend 200g – terima kasi lovely wife =)


Ini apa yang korang akan dapat dalam kotak ini.

Sebelum ni aku rasa yang kopi segera (instant coffee) ni rasa dia mendatar dan kurang aroma bila dibandingkan dengan kopi yang dibru di kafe-kafe. Sekarang, pandangan aku mungkin berubah sejak Nescafe memperkernalkan mesin NESCAFÉ® GOLD BLEND® Barista Style, mesin pembancuh kopi serba moden yang mengunakan serbuk kopi mudah larut (soluble) yang menawarkan pengalaman seperti menghirup kopi di kafe-kafe hanya dengan sentuhan butang.

Touch button
Mudah dengan sentuhan butang

Mesin yang mudah digunakan ini mampu menghasilkan kopi espresso dengan krim asli (crema), membawa sensasi rasa kopi sebenar. Sesuatu yang tidak dapat diberikan dengan kopi segera biasa.

Terdapat 5 jenis kopi yang boleh dipilih iaitu terbahagi kepada 2 kategori utama

Nescafe Gold Blend dan Susu Penuh Krim Nestle
Nescafe Gold Blend dan Susu Penuh Krim Nestle

Kopi Hitam

  1. Espresso (kopi hitam dengan sedikit air)
  2. Lungo (dua saiz Espresso)
  3. Americano (Espresso dengan campuran air yang sederhana banyak)

Kopi Susu

  1. Cappuccino (Espresso dengan air dan susu)
  2. Latte Macchiato (Espresso dengan air dan susu yang sederhana banyak)

The recipe

Mesin ini didatangkan dengan dua warna yang menawan iaitu Piano Black dan Metallic Red, aku punya Metallic Red, bukan sahaja memberikan kemudahan malah menambah seri kepada dapur di rumah aku yang memang sedia suram hahaha.

Bekas kopi yang boleh dibuka memudahkan isian semula dan mencuci selepas digunakan. Cara-cara untuk membersihkan dan troubleshoot ada diterankan dengan jelas di dalam manual yang mudah difahami. Pengguna digalakkan untuk mencuci mesin ini selepas beberapa kali penggunaan untuk mengekalkan prestasi dan mengelakkan mesin pembancuh tersumbat.

Buat masa ini, hanya 2 benda yang boleh dimasukkan kedalam mesin ini, serbuk kopi beku kering (freeze dried) dan air. Hanya produk NESCAFE GOLD yang boleh digunakan dalam sistem ini (aku akan cuba untuk gunakan serbuk kopi beku kering dari jenama lain) iaitu NESCAFE GOLD BLEND dan NESCAFE GOLD DECAFFEINATED (kafein dibuang).

Harga mesin ini pada pandangan aku adalah mampu milik kerana terletak di bawah paras RM300 dimana mesin pembancuh kopi menggunakan kapsul rata-rata berharga lebih RM500.

Aku mengesyurkan kepada peminat kopi yang mencari mesin pembancuh kopi yang mampu milik untuk mencuba mesin NESCAFÉ® GOLD BLEND® Barista Style.

Maklumat lanjut boleh diperoleh dari laman rasmi NESCAFÉ® GOLD BLEND® Barista Style.

Happy Barista-ing!





Rasuah – geram pulak aku

Baru lepas baca pasal kes yang mengemparkan seluruh negara iaitu dua penjawat awam di tahan SPRM dan lagi panas lepas baca artikel di Apemazing memang betul si perasuah akan sedaya upaya fight kes yang disabitkan ke atas mereka sampai menang dengan mengupah barisan peguam handalan. Itulah ironinya, kena tahan tapi ada high chance untuk lepas. Sebab apa? sebab mampu untuk lepaskan diri.

Inilah akibatnya banyak tengok siri peguam macam Suits, power cerita tu style pun style. Aku suka cara Harvey Spector dan Mike Ross cari info dan data untuk menang kes yang diorang kena lawan.



i think i should start a new page

Assalamualaikum..good day,

`deenweirdoz’?! is that name for a site? Are you kidding me?

I’m not actually, that was the name of my old site. Established in my teenage years, I’m still a teenager now but wiser now.

So this going to be my first post for in this WordPress and insyaAllah more will come

This also will be my testing ground to test my writing skills as my job require me to do a lot of report writing even though it not the same in term of style but the objective is still the same..to convey a message

Oh, going to celebrate my 1st wedding anniversary next month insyaAllah..weehoo and sykur to Allah SWT to all HIS blessings.

With a much mature name for the site and Bismillahhirahmanirrahim, I officially open my site


Hey guys,
Sorry for the long hiatus, I’ve been hooked by my work and also never ending invitation from friends to join this and that which it was a fun thing to do since I’ve no commitment to adhere to. Anyhow, I have gotten into my reading mode back and yes, not just blog reading as I manage to buy some books for this 1st quarter (I’ve planned to but couple of books for every quarter of this year).
Some of the books that I’ve already bough were Doctor In The House – Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed, Get Rich and Be Happy – Robert T.Kiyosaki (one of my favourite author) and also The Greatness Guide: Book 2 – Robin Sharma. As at this time, I have read the first 2 books in the list whereby I found out these are some of the great materials to read and the reason I only started with this two books is that the 1st book is very thick which I only got the time to read and will try to read one chapter or more each night as it is quite thick for a mere 100bucks book (that is considered cheap and worth buying) and the other is the Kiyosaki’s book which at this time I manage to read near to half of the book in one day as it so interesting on how to make the money work for you and to realized that to have a stable income does not promise you a better life.
Further, I also has found out that Esquire has landed it feet into Malaysia market, and yes I already gotten a copy of it the Premier Issue and was thinking to subscribe with my Men’s Health subscription which up till now I never manage to continue to renew my subscription which I am planning to do it soon.
Happy reading guys!
p/s: This just a short post as I’m writing it at the office while I have tonnes of work to do (chuckled)

Short term memory lost

I don’t know it is me of my brain which is still me, I’m sort of encounter short term memory lost and it is tremendously frequent which I don’t know it is because of the work loads that comprising of lots of data analysing, eating to many crispy fish head (ohh nice) or it just happen to I’m easily forgetfull.

Last few weeks it sort of happens again whereby the information that I’ve gather more or less contradicting with the info that I get from others and yes, the frustration by the other party can be seen. I’m so sorry if maybe I look like pretending but I don’t know how to put it that the short term memory lost is not a make-up and it is real deal. Maybe I should eat lots of healthy food and more towards consuming fish-based oil rather than its head. LOL

who am i?

I have stumble upon a statement from my close friends which I’m very close to her referring that we’ve been together since our A-Level and we still contact each other till now.

Well she said that, sometime I will an inferior to her as opposed that in view of the lifestyle that I’ve been practicing which more towards urban, stylish and up-scale which I have a deep thinking on it, am I?

I don’t blame anybody for saying that which sometimes I agreed with them but still I’m the same old me, simple, shy, unattractive and not your guy-next-door, better still people can be judgemental and usually we will be affected what people were talking about us and the result that you can see now more or less were from the feedback from people surroundings.

Why I’m saying that? because that’s is how I’m, which I think why my friend said such thing because of the changes or improvement (not to say improvement per se but more toward evolution) that sees in me throughout the time after we were graduated from the university which most of us has step into the corporate world that require me look such away to convey the professionalism that instill whereby casual looks were prohibited in my profession which sometime I envy most of my friend that have `Casual Friday’, furthermore I’m an auditor that most of the time requires me to deal with a lot different level of people around the group.

I don’t see myself as an urban or modern type of person not because I’m an urbanites (literally) because I was born and breed in Petaling Jaya which I’m so proud of that as the city has developed much since I was born. Actually, I’m just like other people change in the effect of surroundings and environment which that are more towards my physical appearances and no comment on my attitude, that one you can ask from most of my friends on how much that did I changed in term of attitude throughout the years I befriended them.

About women, well I might have said what I `want’ but in normal case scenario it usually the actual things will not 100% reflected what I had said before such as `face like and angel and figure like a devil’ there are possibilities that I would what I want but still it depends on where and how and me being me I don’t think I can get what I want instead what I need (previous experience). So, yes I can give a long list on what I want in for my dream lady but honey, that just a mere list and I bet 50% of the list will not reflecting the actual result. However, If my rezeki is okay, I still hoping that I will get what I want still I doubt it…doubt it hard!.

As my BFF always asked when to get a steady girlfriend and I would give her a mere standard answer on the jodoh and time consuming. Well, in regards to my 2011’s resolutions I hope that I can find someone to be with to care and to share. Just wait for it.

There are a lot of things that I want to share with your guys about me but I’m the person that like to asked and love to answer all of your questions, so guys anything to ask you can just Formspring me, drop me an email or just comment it below.

p/s: I just feel so good that I manage to continue to write again
p/s/s: sorry for the lack of picture in this post as I’m just lazy to put any picture in it, just browse to my Facebook for pictures.


Aku just nak beritahu yang kenape entah aku tak berapa suka dengan perkataan `comel’ especially bila perkataan tu keluar dari mulut orang lain.
Comel, perkataan yang indah tapi entah aku semacam alah dengan perkataan yang juga dalam bahasa inggerisnya `cute’
Pelik juga

Dah lama tak buat….

Seingat aku dah lebih 2-3 bulan aku tak workout semacam tahun 2009 melainkan main basketball setiap malam Selasa dan Khamis. Planning je lebih nak alternate day workout iaitu Isnin dan Jumaat akan bertandang ke gimnasium berhampiran tetapi hampeh memang dah jarang gila pergi. Patutlah pembentukan dan kenaikan badan berada pada tahap drastik dan membimbangkan, tak boleh blah lah.
So aku bertekad walaupun aku outstation ni, dari 2 minggu extend ke 3 minggu kat Johor Darul Ta’zim ni, aku pun mengagahkan diri ke gimnasium pada hari ini dan pada hari ini jugaklah aku ke gym 2 kali (tak pernah dibuat dalam hidup aku berkecimpung dalam arena ini). At least aku dah berjaya membuat perkara yang dah lama aku tak buat sejak balik dari outstation Indonesia pada awal tahun ni, sejak tu memang kadar kehadiran ke gym amatlah membimbangkan serta ketidak seimbangan makanan yang diambil membantu menambahkan nombor dalam jumlah berat badan.
Aku amatlah bertekad lepas ni, aku akan bertandang ke gym mengikut jadual (sendiri buat je) demi kebaikan.
p/s: sorry entry agak poyo
p/s/s: terima kasih sebab melayan
p/s/s/s: lupe plak amik gambar gym Hotel Grand Paragon ni, nice gak

Salam Aidil Adha

Salam Aidil Adha to all my muslim friend around the globe. Guess what, this year is my first time I’m celebrating this holy festival away from my family and relatives. For the eid, I usually will celebrate it with them at my dad’s hometown in Rembau, Negeri Sembilan alas for the last 23 years I’ve been there celebrating the eid and for the 1st time in my 24 years of life I celebrate this raya at Johore as it fall during my audit fieldwork in Nusajaya, it is quite sad but I think this is the sacrifice that I’ve to condone for my job.
Today, just the same thing I’ve done for the past 23 years I woke up early and ready to perform the solat sunat Aidil Adha, after ate my breakfast at the hotel I asked the boy that pour my coffee for the direction of the nearest mosque and he told me that the nearest will be either at Tebrau or Larkin. Owh, goody I think I will opt for Masjid Larkin as I knew the place that situated near Larking Sentral. I drove there with my baju melayu and yes I made it in time before they started the solah.
After the solah and Aidil Adha sermont, I head down to nearest Petronas to withdraw my money hahaha I run out of money okay, huh. After that, I just go to the Burger King that adjacent to the Petronas and what do you know I had these for my second brekki, hahaha…I’m that hungry okay as I just had light breakfast earlier….

Burger Kind have this new offering, Angus Steakhouse Burger….FFFFUUU, it is so sinful and I ate that with a nice cuppa of Joes, that just made my day in this holy day. 
And now, I seat in front of my laptop and writing this blog while having Cadbury Bournville Simply Dark, another sinful thing for this raya.
Anyhow, have a blessfull Aidil Adha! XD