Going wild


it has been a while, in fact a long while since I left this blog. No specific reason actually..err..i think might as well I list down the reason, here goes

  1. outstation
  2. no idea
  3. looking out for girls (hahah…hey I need a life too what..lol)
  4. work
  5. saving money to get married..erkh

anyhow, there were a lots of thing happening since last time.

I would like to share some of that with you and with pictures too!

Here goes….

Tauhu Goreng of Warong Saga – To die for!, my latest makan place in Johor
Standard Chartered tower of Singapore, huh look like Manhattan to me, nice composition
all-time fav, mee rebus tulang ZZ Corner!
Monster Energy drink, bought from 7E Singapore…taste great!
Kaw-kaw burger from Mayang Oasis, PJ, finally they has opened a branch in PJ..well it taste quite good thou
Nasi goreng seafood, another must-try when you ever visit Johor located at Stulang Laut, near The Zon Regency and the same row of 7E

Food..food..food, yes most of my life surrounded by food and yes it effected my weigh very bad but at least I do enjoy it!

Hah, Alhamdulillah I also has completed one of the element that you need to do to get married which is attending the Pre-Marriage Course at Astana Mukmin, with a standard fee of RM80, you will get the lifetime certificate from JAWI (make sure that your private place is certificate by your own district’s Islamic office), a Gerbang Perkahwinan book (published by JAKIM), basic stationary and one of the most important thing thee all-you-can-eat buffet lunch.

All in all I think this course is quite affordable to compare what you will get when attending it

Oh, insyaAllah I will go to Indonesia for another audit trip and this time will be quite long and do you know Indonesia also has a place called Subang hahaha. Anyhow, at least I’m not only get the chance to go to the famous place which is the nearby Bandong

Well, see you guys around


Dah lama aku in hiatus  al maklumlah urusan kerja di luar kawasan read:outstation. Aku dah nak dekat seminggu lebih dekat India specifically dekat Bangalore dan sekarang dekat Greater Noida berhampiran Delhi dan Ghaziabad (sila google if tak tau).
Alhamdulillah so far, I like the environment mungkin sebab sekarang menghampiri musim sejuk so cuaca agak berangin dan sejuk sekitar 20 – 24 darjah celcius, bagi aku ok lagi kurang sikit aku berpeluh. Bercakap pasal berpeluh, aku hanya berpeluh dekat sini bila makan masakan yang pedas kat sini wow memang menarik.
Aku akan kongsi gambar-gamabr aku di sini nanti, sementara ini ni lah dia aku di Commercial Street, Bangalore

Syukriya and chaloo

Journey: Abu Dhabi

Hey folks,

My trip to Abu Dhabi was on April 2011 as stated in this Land of the Desert post. The reason of the delay is I has gotten tight up with my job and also I forget where did I placed all the picture of my work visit there.

I don’t have the idea what to write as the trip were a work trip rather than vacation so, just wanted to share the picture that taken there since I already found out where I put those pictures.

Our dinner


Madinat Zayed

Our accomodation

Madinat Zayed Hospital

The entrance to Tilal Liwa hotel

Tilal Liwa hotel

Our site office there


The sand..it so soft

One for the pircture

my colleague

Our ride

Land Cruiser Prado

Man at work

Turkish joint

the office cat

the feast

in front of a restaurant that served one of the best Mandy in Madinat Zayed

Labour camp

feast with the bosses

one for the album

doing our job

Camel Rose – Rendang unta

forgot the name of this but it is tasty!

he thought so too

feast on the last day

group photo with the staff

The picture above was taken before our flight back to Kuala Lumpur, the late night at Abu Dhabi city…sadly we don’t have enough time to venture around as the whole week there was only intended for work.

`Makan’ Trip

On 13th June our Northern Trip eventually change to `Makan’ Trip..let the picture tell the stories…

Sumptuous seafood from Penang @

Restoran Seri Idaman, Teluk Tempoyak, Penang

So far the best Mee Udang Penang that i ever had…where…here (read:below)

Located at Sg.Dua interchange, turn right after the traffic light and go straight


This is the country that will be my next destination as insyaAllah starting next week i will be working there for about 3 weeks. Apparently, I’ve already been there…no, not Bali how cliche, last year I was accompany my dad and my grandmother. The reason was that both of them wanted to sent my grandmother’s maid to her hometown in Bondowoso which is an up-hill area in the East Java where it took a mere 8 hours travel by car from the Bandarudara Juanda (Juanda Airport) which is in the city of Surabaya.
Yes, this time around insyaAllah i will go to several places in Indonesia like Denpasar, Semarang and Jakarta itself. I hope that i will have a good time while i’m in Indonesia even though this time around it is not a leisure travel whereby it is more to business travel a.k.a working.
Maybe i will post some pictures or writing from there.

Northen – Perlis

blue sky

silver engine
Well my outstation for 2010 year kick-off in this month of February where I’ve been assigned (actually we) to go to Perlis for our assignment in one of group subsidiaries there (Chuping, Perlis). Actually this is my second time being here as last year in the month of March I also came here to do new assignment and this year is just a follow-up.

Apparently, the place hasn’t change much since my last visit here. They just completed the shades for the parking which the car or moto-bike will still get wet in the rain as the shades is just made from the fabric that can be found in the nursery to minimize amount of rain that drops into the plant (well you get the picture). Like last year and also to other team, we are given the lodging at one of the well-known-on hotel in Kangar.

quite a long ques

Today, again we’ve the chances to enjoy ourselves with the famous Nasi-Ganja-Maybank, well it is not they put dope into the rice as people there said that when u’ve tried it you will definitely want to have it again (well they are not bluffing). It is called Fatimah Nasi Kandar and it is located opposite the Maybank and in-front of the Anika supermarket. Little that i know and suprisingly the taste is still the same after one year we had it at the 1st time. The price still the cheapest nasi kandar that i’ve tried compare to the price in the Klang Valley and Penang (huhuhu…).
the Nasi `Ganja’ stall

Enjoy the scenery of Kuala Perlis in the evening after the jump