The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory in its fourth season that comprise the life of 4 fictional geniuses, one an applied physicist, Leonard Hofstadter, a theoretical physicist, Sheldon Cooper, an aerospace engineer, non-PhD, Howard Wolowitz and a particle astrophysicist, Rajesh Koothrappali that are equally geeky and socially awkward co-workers and friends set in Pasadena, California.
There are also an attractive blonde waitress and aspiring actress, Penny who live across the hall that share their live in most awkward way. Well, I must say that this sitcom always give me a good-silly-laugh since Friends, that 70’s show and 3rd Rock From The Sun. While most people, favor How I met your mother but not me as I find that the comedy are somewhat dry, IMHO.
To whom that are searching for a good sitcom for your free-time, this is a must. Enjoy

p/s: beware of all the scientific lingo that being used and for comic lovers out there this sitcom is also for you

Sweet Blood

I just love cool and chic design! Most of the things especially packaging can be redesign to get away from the bored-looking all over again. I have been a blood donor for quite some times and all I can see is the old-semi-curve rectangular shaped pouch that indicate with blood information and again look bored and scary.
I have stumble across this cute looking called `The Sweet Donation Bag’ which is an attempt to redesign the blood collection pouch. It features a sleeve with a large cut-outs indicating the blood type (A, B, AB & O), how about the `negative’ sign for me? as Imma B- person.
The overall design is much more refined that the current-old-looking bag as it looks sturdier. Nonetheless, the looks is slick and tidier to be seen and I guess it won’t reduce the needle pain. Lol

Source: Packaging Of The World

What banks that you prefer?

Does it ever come to your mind that actually do we really need a number of banks instead of one? I mean well for me, we should as to cater for different of needs i.e, savings, operational and stuff. Nonetheless, I used to have 5 banks in my custodian and nowadays it has been reduced to 3 banks and I might be adding another one later. These are the 3 banks that I used nowadays:-
Maybank – I used this bank since my final year time (late 2007) when I was in UiTM where the transition from Bank Islam to Maybank. I just into it their ever-popular and ultra efficient online banking portal which is the My first credit card also from this bank and I just love it ever since, the short falls of it as i found at the rates and the charges are quite high and some times you didn’t notice the hidden charges, maybe because of their good service. Nonetheless, I will continue to use their service.
Bank Islam – This is the bank that I used since I started my UiTM days (mid-2005) as this is their official bank after they change from Affin, and yes, I like their Islamic banking features and used it as my no-touching-saving-account. Since, I have a problem with their online banking features, I just can’t comment much on it, but I bet it have improve much since.
Bank Simpanan Nasional – My first formal saving account is from this bank which I opt it when I was in foundation level (mid-2004) and I still used them for my travel savings and sometimes most of my friend will make fun of me as my `student’ bank is still active, well it show that I’m a loyal customer.
I have plan to opt for one more bank next year and still in the midst of research and comparison stages as nowadays there are a lot of shariah-based banks in the market and their offer are also quite lucrative.
So what banks that you prefer? and why is that?

Wah lama sudah

Salam all!

Agak lama sudah tidak ku jenguk blog kesayangan-ku ini, with all the workload that inconsistently come and go that making all my ideas in a blockage!. Well, at least I still remember some of them, still I just don’t have the idea where to start.

Nonetheless, I will try to update the blog as frequent as I can even though not much of people who reading my blog (amboi ayat kesian plak XD)