Kad Kredit vs Tunai – Pandangan peribadi

Aku setuju betul dengan apa yang rakan blogger MySham tentang tips beliau berkenaan penggunaan kad kredit vs tunai.  Memang betul kebanyakkan orang banyak bercakap supaya berbelanjan ikut kemampuan or spend within your means tetapi pada pandangan aku jika kita bijak berbelanja dan tahu macam mana nak manipulasi method atau instrument pembayaran yang ada why not?

Impulsive purchases memang akan wujud jika kita tidak ada disiplin dalam berbelanja, tetapi jika kita bijak menangani masalah ini aku rasa tiada masalah (i.e. amaun yang tertangguh perlulah dibayar tepat pada masa atau within masa yang diberikan) untuk mengelakkan interest yang melambung akan di kenakan contoh dari 13.5% terus ke 18%. Memang confirm sampai bila pun anda masih berhutang. 

Aku sudah mengalami zaman tidak bayar hutang kad kredit tepat pada masanya, betul aku memang menyesal dan dengan kerana itu aku susun strategi untuk habiskan juga outstanding balance yang ada iaitu tetap kan 15% from total outstanding every month, well at least it works for me..Alhamdulillah

Antara kelebihan penggunaan kad kredit ialah mata ganjaran yang berbagai nama (contoh Maybank, Treatpoints) digunakan oleh pihak bank.  Pilihlah, kemudahan mata ganjaran yang tidak ada tempoh luput (expiry) which kita boleh guna lagi sampai habis.  Mata ganjaran yang boleh digunakkan especially untuk barang yang bukan dalam kategori keperluan, macam ayah aku every year dia akan tebus periuk lah, beg travel, dan macam-macam lagi.  So how about being an intelligent consumer? for a change.

Bagi aku ada faedahnya pembayaran guna kad kredit ni sebab, kerja aku memerlukan aku untuk selalu outstation dalam dan luar negara.  Jadi untuk mengelakkan untuk membawa wang tunai yang banyak dan terjadi kecurian, eloklah cari satu medium untuk menggantikan wang tunai, tetapi awas! make sure yang kita ada cukup tunai untuk pembayaran balik di akhir outstation nanti.

Macam yang di-highlighted oleh brother MySham juga kad kredit juga boleh menjadi instrument untuk menunjukkan kepada pihak bank (bagi yang nak apply untuk berbagai jenis pinjaman) yang kita ni merupakan peminjam dan pembayar yang baik (good paymaster). Yang ini aku memang setuju.

Kad kredit ada keburukan dan kebaikan, tetapi jika kita disiplin dan tahu bagaimana nak gunakannya dengan betul sebagai satu payment instrument insha Allah boleh beri faedah kepada pengguna. 

The important thing discipline, make the purchase worth for you and live in moderation


Self Audit

Sedang aku bertungkus lumus hendak menyiapkan report audit yang perlu aku hantar pada hujung minggu ini.  Aku surf sikit internet mana tau ada benda yang menarik.  Sedang aku surfing, aku teringat aku dah lama tak menjengah ke blog antara penulis yang aku follow.
Wah dah tukar banner, brother Angel Pakai Gucci ni, yang membuat aku tersentak dengan perkataan yang tertera di banner beliau
We do too little dakwah
Too little tarbyah,
And too much Jahiliyyah,
Yet we aspect to enter
Jannah..?? Pfttttt
Bagi aku ayat ini memang powerful, memang aku tersentak dan mula mengelamun memikirkan apa yang dah aku lakukan untuk tarbiyyah, seperti yang disarankan dalam Al-Quran
“Sampaikan lah walaupun hanya dengan sepotong ayat”
Well, aku setiap kali aku berfikir perasaan sebak memang akan hadir dalam diri, mungkin sekarang boleh disembunyikan tapi sampi bila, aku ni manusia biasa yang tidak boleh lari dari dosa dan keJahillan. 
Tak terkecuali akan kedengaran ada sahaja ayat-ayat atau percakapan orang yang memperlekehkan usaha aku, tapi aku tahu ini yang aku pilih which mean aku kena kuat.  Pedulikan apa orang lain fikir, yang penting sentiasa perbuatan aku insha Allah aku lakukan dengan istiqamah. 
Mudah-mudahan, usaha yang aku buat diberkati dan diredhai oleh Allah SWT
p/s: akhir-akhir ni suka pulak aku baca artikel dakwah ni, eh bukan la akhir-akhir ni dulu ada juga tapi dah lari sikit hehe

Project Chloe: Early Progress (Sport Rims, Tires and brake pads)


I think it has been a long time since my update on the Project Chloe that was published about 2 years ago, yes that long huh

In the nutshell, the planning last time were as follows:

  1. Replacing the stock rims with a new set of wheels in 17″ by either from Advanti or Lenso.  Projected cost about RM2500
  2. Put new set of disc brake for the rear brake which planning to put some ATX or Bendix.  Projected cost about RM500/pair
  3. Stabilizing the car voltage, to put Raizin by Pivot to handle and stabilize the voltage.  Cost about RM200
  4. To increase the power of the car by changing the stock exhaust and extractor to a custom made which will cost around RM1500

Well 2 years has gone and these were some of the small upgrades that I have done to Chloe as follows:

  1. Stock rims change to R3 Gun Metal 16″ Sport Rim from R3 wrapped with Bridgestone Potenza Adrenaline RE002 205/50/16 tires. 
  2. No rear brake disc that was change, I just change the front brake pads to the Bendix Metal King brake pads. 
  3. No Raizin install at the moment
  4. No upgrading of extractor at the moment

As at now, these are the progress of the project and due to insufficient fund I might delay a bit on to upgrading other parts. 



Jogoya – Starhill Gallery, KL


Couple of week a go my good friend from Singapore told me and the gang that he wanted to come back to our neighbourhood for a short leave and wanted to treat us bersempena birthday dia.  Well after several discussion in the group, we had come into decision to have a lunch at Jogoya, Starhill Galery.

Well before we head down to Jogoya, I have look around on the past review on several blogs.  As ever since Jogoya, the famous restaurant from Taiwan opened in Malaysia, there has been a buzz around town saying how good their buffet spread is.  So, based on that we took the opportunity to savour the seafood delights at Starhill Galery. 

The restaurant is located on the third floor which also known as the Relish Level.  It is advisable to book a table especially for dinner as it is pretty much crowded but at the time we went there the crown seem more towards okay.  You still need to pay for your meal in advance in order for you to proceed.

Masuk sahaja ke dalam, you will be greeted `irashaimase‘ by their staff that means `Welcome’ you to the restaurant.  After you go along the payment counter you will be greeted by the water features before entering the dining area.  The restaurant is pretty dark and full of little corners and nooks.

Since it was quite a number of us (5 to be exact), we got ourselves a decent size dining table.  It let say you want to come as a couple, they give you a small sized booth with not much of a view as it faces a wooden wall.  For larger group, there are also VIP rooms that can be used for different purposes which perfect for family gathering and such.  Every table gets a portable burner to cook a certain dishes like claypot. 


You also will get a metal clip (as above) with your table number on it.  This clips were used to order a cooked meal after you peruse the different counters where you can drop this clip into the glass bowl that will have the description of the food and they will send you the food once it is ready.  Well, agak lama juga nak tunggu makanan tu siap..please be patient on this. 

This place is huge as it divided into several section which one will get confused on what they have and where things are located around the different counters.  I do spend quite some time at the sashimi/sushi counter as it had great lighting there and the arrangement is so beautiful!.  Their sashimi and raw seafood is packed on top of beds of crushed ice to keeps the seafood fresh.

There were quite a selection of sushis and you could also order a California roll to be hand rolled from the counter.  Next to it is a selection of cold appetizers line wakame seaweed, cold soba noodles and ets.

If you are not a fan of raw seafood, you can always head down to several counters that served fried seafood which battered in light and crispy tempura.  Oysters are abundance at this place – besides eating them raw with pinch of lemon, you can also get them baked with cheese in the cooked food section.  There are a lot of section as the place is so huge!.

For dessert fan, I think this will be the perfect place for you as they have a lot of selection that can be choose.  Although they have no traditional Japanese sweets like the Matcha Aisu Kurimu or the green tea ice cream but they do have MochiThey have a myriad selection of ice-cream (they have Haagen Dazs and also New Zealand Naturals which a yeay for me and a very good deal since these ice-cream retailed at quite a price for a scoop. 

They also have a large selection of desserts behind a glass counter for you to choose from like the coconut and mango pudding, tiramisu, fruit tarts, cheesecake, almond tuiles, waffles and etc.  There are a lot of drinks to choose from, personally I like the sweet coconut water that you can get from the cute coconuts and coffee that you can make from their machines. 

The place is so huge and maybe could bring a little bit confusion to other but you can always ask their polite and helpful staff for any help

On the other note, the restaurant also runs a VIP members program which entitles you to privileges such as special menu items as from my observation at each of the section, there will be special menu that can be order by VIP member only.  Further info on how to become their VIP member you can go to the VIP member section at their website.

If you love Japanese food, I can assure you that this is the place for you as you can indulge yourself to the buffet spread especially their fresh seafood.  Just prepared to camp out at the place for almost two to three hours to.

T3, Relish Floor
Starhill Gallery
Kuala Lumpur

+603-2142 1268


Lunch (RM78++)
11:30am – 4:20pm (Weekday)\
11:00am – 4.20pm (Weekends)

Dinner (RM88++)
5:00pm – 9.30pm (Daily)

Supper (RM78++)
9:40pm – 11:40pm (Daily)










Another adventure

Hello semua

I think this time around I want to blog in my mother-tongue language since sekarang ni it people just doesn’t care what time of language that you are communicate with..so I choose man-glish!

Well, I guess it has been a while since I last post anything in my own blog, yes I do agree that originally this blog was intended to record the adventure (as you can see from the header) that I am or I will go through out the day or the week or whatsoever.


Tidaknye menjadi kesampaian, it always come to writer’s block everyday now and then…sampai lah penyakit malas tu dating.

Padahal as per my observation and blog walking ni, aku tengok banyak je blogger-blogger otai yang boleh post on average 1-2 post on daily basis..aku memang envy dengan mereka ni.  Walaupun mereka ni not a full-time blogger which mean they have their own life and career to preach outside this blogging life..still they manage to spend their time (individually or bringing their families to the event organised by all sort of organization.

Kudos to you guys!