Makan: Mee Rebus Tulang ZZ

Just a short review and recommendation to whoever that planning to have a trip to Johore, a must try Mee Rebus Tulang + Daging at Restoran ZZ Sup Tulang. The predict, sinful + juicy + delicious that you can get for a Mee Rebus Tulang. One of the makan place that recommended by most people especially the Johorean. Most of the offerings are great! Just to be name a few Mee Hoon Sup Daging, Soto Ayam, Lontong Kering, Nasi Ayam Penyet and Bubur Nasi

These are the summary of the place
Restoran ZZ Sup Tulang
Location: Jalan Petrie (JKR Daerah) if you coming from Tebray Highway look out for Tune Hotel signboard and Jalan Mahmoodiah, its located near Thistle Hotel and Dataran Sultan Abu Bakar.
Recommendation: Mee Rebus Tulang, Lontong Kering and Sup Tulang
Businnes hour: 07.00 am – 11.00pm

Slurpp your self to the picture…

Dah lama tak buat….

Seingat aku dah lebih 2-3 bulan aku tak workout semacam tahun 2009 melainkan main basketball setiap malam Selasa dan Khamis. Planning je lebih nak alternate day workout iaitu Isnin dan Jumaat akan bertandang ke gimnasium berhampiran tetapi hampeh memang dah jarang gila pergi. Patutlah pembentukan dan kenaikan badan berada pada tahap drastik dan membimbangkan, tak boleh blah lah.
So aku bertekad walaupun aku outstation ni, dari 2 minggu extend ke 3 minggu kat Johor Darul Ta’zim ni, aku pun mengagahkan diri ke gimnasium pada hari ini dan pada hari ini jugaklah aku ke gym 2 kali (tak pernah dibuat dalam hidup aku berkecimpung dalam arena ini). At least aku dah berjaya membuat perkara yang dah lama aku tak buat sejak balik dari outstation Indonesia pada awal tahun ni, sejak tu memang kadar kehadiran ke gym amatlah membimbangkan serta ketidak seimbangan makanan yang diambil membantu menambahkan nombor dalam jumlah berat badan.
Aku amatlah bertekad lepas ni, aku akan bertandang ke gym mengikut jadual (sendiri buat je) demi kebaikan.
p/s: sorry entry agak poyo
p/s/s: terima kasih sebab melayan
p/s/s/s: lupe plak amik gambar gym Hotel Grand Paragon ni, nice gak

Project Chloe: Overview

I have stumble upon on a planning to revamp my beloved Chloe, this are the brief plan for the machine including performance and beautification:

  1. I will replace the stock rims with a new set of wheels in 17″ by either from Advan, Lenso, Advanti or the like. I will try my best to use original rims for you Chloe. Cost: RM 2500
  2. Before i increase the power of the horses beneath Chloe, I will put some stopping aid at the rear part of the machine, planning to put disc brake at the, maybe to support the power that will be soon unleash I will put some ATX or Bendix, errr subject to budget availability. Cost: RM 500/pair
  3. The plan is to stabilize the voltage in the car, and I planning to opt for Raizin by Pivot to handle and stabilize all the electricity that running the car from the ECU. Cost: RM 200
  4. To punch up a little bit power before unleash its full potential, I also have plan to change the stock exhaust unit to another twin exhaust unit with new 4-3-1 extractor. Cost: RM 1500
For the mean time, I think this is sufficient enough for my budget and insyaAllah I will post the progress of it in different post.

Salam Aidil Adha

Salam Aidil Adha to all my muslim friend around the globe. Guess what, this year is my first time I’m celebrating this holy festival away from my family and relatives. For the eid, I usually will celebrate it with them at my dad’s hometown in Rembau, Negeri Sembilan alas for the last 23 years I’ve been there celebrating the eid and for the 1st time in my 24 years of life I celebrate this raya at Johore as it fall during my audit fieldwork in Nusajaya, it is quite sad but I think this is the sacrifice that I’ve to condone for my job.
Today, just the same thing I’ve done for the past 23 years I woke up early and ready to perform the solat sunat Aidil Adha, after ate my breakfast at the hotel I asked the boy that pour my coffee for the direction of the nearest mosque and he told me that the nearest will be either at Tebrau or Larkin. Owh, goody I think I will opt for Masjid Larkin as I knew the place that situated near Larking Sentral. I drove there with my baju melayu and yes I made it in time before they started the solah.
After the solah and Aidil Adha sermont, I head down to nearest Petronas to withdraw my money hahaha I run out of money okay, huh. After that, I just go to the Burger King that adjacent to the Petronas and what do you know I had these for my second brekki, hahaha…I’m that hungry okay as I just had light breakfast earlier….

Burger Kind have this new offering, Angus Steakhouse Burger….FFFFUUU, it is so sinful and I ate that with a nice cuppa of Joes, that just made my day in this holy day. 
And now, I seat in front of my laptop and writing this blog while having Cadbury Bournville Simply Dark, another sinful thing for this raya.
Anyhow, have a blessfull Aidil Adha! XD

it has arrived

Few weeks ago, after I came back from my short-N-nice Kuantan trip I stumble upon a brown box with a quite familir logo…oh my it has arrived. At last after waiting for more than 3 weeks even for a small shipment whereby I don’t know the cause of the delay (from the merchant to the U.S address), all in all the item has arrived and I was relief. This has arrived….

They used DHL, well at least they used quite prominent logistic provider rather than plain-old airmail. Hmmm, I wonder from who….

Its from SEPHORA, one of the prominent beauty shop in the world, like SASA in Malaysia. You can judge me all you want but I’m buy from therm because I want to test the hopshopgo services and yes in a less than 5 days my package has arrive after I’ve confirm the shipment. Cool!

This what I ordered….

A toiletries set from Anthony Logistics as I always on the go and frequently on outstation, that is why I buy this and I also get free sample of Tom Ford Miniature and Bella Nude Perfume.
Damn, I will use their service again, with now I have added my Visa Debit Card in my Paypal account 

Deepavali: Top 5 favorite Indian food

Tomorrow Malaysia will be celebrating one of the most prominent festival for the Hindus which is Deepavali or the festival of light. Happy Deepavali to all my Hindus friends and to others have a happy long weekends!

When it comes to festivities like this, there are always good food, yes abundant of them and for these Deepavali celebration, I would like to share to all of you top 5 of my fav on Indian foods, here goes:

  1. Vadai – Owh my a wholesome doughnut like-fluffy-spicy that is taste good when you have it pipping-hot fresh from the sinful-deep fry-oil. I can’t stop to think of it, hmmm…maybe I’m going to have these for lunch and its cheaper than doughnuts, fuck you western doughnuts!
  2. Chapati – A flat bread that made of whole-wheat flour and cooked on a flat skillet with little oil, yes it is healthier that roti canai. Like any other Indian food, it is good when eat with dhall or curry, while some places will offer potatoes-curry or sardines. Wholesome!
  3. Banana leaf rice – Another sinful delicacies and delicious too, I have my favorite place to eat these at Jalan Gasing, and while you enjoy it and add-that-this-and-everything, wait till the bill come. Nonetheless, it taste good and you can have a lot of dishes to get along with the rice and aroma of the  banana leaf especially when most of the fried dishes will be fried there and then. Heaven!
  4. Roti Canai – One of Malaysian favorite breakfast that also called as Roti Parata in Singapore and other countries. Best to eat it while it is hot so that you can still taste its fluffiness of the inside and crispy on the outside. Best to eat with dhall and curry.
  5. Masala tea –  It is a spiced milky tea where it is a little bit eye-opener (depending amount of spices that were mix into the tea) that an alternative to espresso (another eye-opener in the morning). Good to have is as an after-lunch-drink especially when you just finished a full leaf of banana leaf rice.
There you have it, I would like to know about your favorite Indian food, how about yours?